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The Phlox has several medicinal uses. It was used by several native tribes to treat a variety of health problems.

This plant you will find in rocky places and high elevations in the mountain areas. The Phlox can be located in several states such as Wyoming, Montana, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. This plant can also be found in Washington. There are also several varieties of this plant.

The roots are great for aches and also used for colds. The roots were pounded out and rubbed all over the entire body to treat these ailments.

It was also used to treat babies that would have stomachaches. The whole plant was also used by native tribes to treat babies that were anemic. They also used the roots of this plant to treat diarrhea, and the entire plant was used to treat problems with the stomach. The leaves were used by native tribes to treat boils, and some of the roots were also used as an eyewash by the tribes. The Cheyenne Indians used the leaves of this plant to treat body numbness. They would pound the leaves and flowers and would use as a body wash for a stimulant. The leaves have also been used to make a tea that has been used to treat eczema. The tea leaves can be applied to the infected area to help clear eczema. You can find lots of information regarding the Phlox plant and its medicinal purposes online. There are several websites that will have tons of information regarding this.

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