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Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Sunday, April 10

Periwinkle is an excellent summer plant and it is quite easy to grow as long as you plant it at the right time. 

Some gardeners get frustrated to see it shrivel up and die if they plant it very early in the season. It is useful to know that this plant is highly susceptible to phytophthora, a disease that kills it during early spring rains. Therefore, it is a marvelous idea to plant it in late spring, and not to repeat the same bed next year in case the plants showed any symptoms of disease during the preceding year. This plant is easily available for purchase through any good wholesale plant nursery online.

Periwinkles come in a wide variety of colors, which can add to the beauty of your garden. The flowers are light pink or purplish, or pure white color.

The height is about ten inches and they carry numerous small leaves with them. The periwinkle is an ideal choice for your garden if you have a sunny spot that can do well with a groundcover, and you are looking to add some color to it. The flowers proliferate very fast and you will know when they need water because their leaves will quickly start wilting. The stems may also begin drooping due to lack of water. However, a prompt water spray will see them springing back to life within minutes.

This is an annual plant and it needs replantation every year. The plant produces plenty of seeds as it matures, so either you may collect the seeds for the next year or the plant will re-seed itself. You have to remain alert against acquiring a lot more of periwinkle than you want because of its easy and quick propagation. You may not want this plant pushing other plants to the brink. Check with any outstanding online plant nursery to buy this plant at affordable prices.

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