NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Most of us love to utilize space in our yard or garden by growing amazing trees that can add color, effect, and texture to the landscape.

However, due to a busy schedule, it becomes quite a hassle to find and visit an excellent local nursery in the area to purchase plants and trees. Mail-order nurseries provide an option of placing orders online, and the ordered items are delivered to your shipping address, so you do not have to go anywhere.

Mail Order Gardening has become relatively popular these days because most people are tech-savvy and can place orders online through the internet. Some of the types of trees that can be purchased through mail order are—

Shade Trees

—Shade trees are great for a huge garden or backyard. These trees eventually grow and become dense, covering the branches with beautiful foliage that provides shade. You can also plant shade trees for privacy as they obstruct the view due to their thick foliage blanket. Some common shade trees available in tree nurseries are Hybrid Poplar, Royal Empress, Majestic Oak, Sycamore, American Elm Tree, and Maple tree varieties.

Fruit Trees

—Growing fruit trees in your garden be rewarding during the harvest season. You can try growing some great fruit trees in your garden for a fresh supply of mouth-watering fruits. Some of the fantastic fruit trees planted in home gardens are Cherry Tree, Fruiting Crab Apple, Apple Tree, Apricot Tree, Pear Tree, and Paw Paw tree. All these trees bear delicious fruits that can be consumed either fresh or used to prepare desserts, cakes, and pies.

Privacy Trees

—Privacy trees can be planted as hedges or even border plants. You can plant some standard trees as privacy trees are Leyland Cypress, Eastern Hemlock, Canadian Hemlock, Pine Tree, Privet Shrub, Spruce Tree, and White Pine.

Flowering Trees

—Flowering trees bear beautiful flowers during the blooming season that cover the entire tree in attractive colors. Flowering trees include Southern Magnolia, Pink Weeping Cherry, Crape Myrtle, White Dogwood, Cleveland Pear, Pink Dogwood, Tulip Poplar, etc.

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