Okame Cherry Tree

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Okame Cherry Tree Description

Okame Cherry Tree - Prunus 'Okame' 

Okame cherry tree is a tiny, deciduous tree belonging to the Rosaceae (rose) family that grows to be 15 to 30 feet in height when fully matured. It is a hybrid of Prunus campanulate and Prunus incisa that transplants readily. Prunus is a genus that contains over 200 varieties of deciduous or evergreen plants that are widely common in northern temperate regions of the world. 

Colorful blooms are usually the focal point of most plants. However, these trees remain charming even when they are past their blooming period owing to their deep green foliage with intense orange tones, making them a lovely addition to your landscape regardless of the season.

It retains its deep green color until late August, fading to golden yellow and then turning to a rich orange and red hue. It develops a vase-shaped structure before completing maturity, gradually becoming more rounded as it ages. With its brilliant pink and white mildly fragrant flowers, this plant will give a burst of color to any environment and may be sown at any period of the year.

As the petals fall, beautiful green leaves appear, providing you with welcome refuge from the scorching heat. Fall offers extra color to the landscape, with leaves in yellow, orange, and scarlet shades.

Winter is the season for the bark to shine since it has a distinctive red-bronze color instead of the silver-gray of typical flowering cherry trees. These plants are suitable for tiny gardens or lining pathways because of their compact size. If you're looking for a tree that draws in a swarm of bees, you have come to the right place. Pollinators of all sorts rush to this flowering tree at all times. Although cultivated primarily for their blossoms, some yield little cherries throughout summer.

However, the cherries are rather sour and aren't very tasty, yet birds can't get enough of them. It also tends to blossom sooner than other cherry cultivars, resulting in an early explosion of color in the spring.

Okame cherry has a stunning appearance in the scenery, and it exhibits exceptional heat and cold resistance

Although it is most often prevalent in the southern region, where it is sunny and humid, this tree may also survive mild to somewhat chilly. A cold winter season is crucial to blossom successfully in the late winter and early spring. You may utilize it as a specimen tree or even in groups of three to five to create a striking display. It is a gorgeous specimen tree since it yields an abundance of rosy-pink blossoms that possess one-inched petals during the early spring.

The profusion of these blossoms entirely covers the barren branches, blooming sooner than most and staying further than most floral cherries in the same season.

This tree has a minimal need for cold hours, which allows it to blossom dependably even in the southern hemisphere. Its noticeable characteristics are its glossy, reddish-brown bark and fall foliage ranging from coppery crimson to vivid orange. The farther northward you move, the more vibrant the fall color display gets. When the blossoms are visible in a group on the branches, they exhibit shadows of scarlet rose or lavender, even though they are mostly pink in color.

It is a great way to bring the year to a close. It is a beautiful focal point for your garden and is easy to grow. By providing splendor, elegance, a profusion of flowers, and shade, this modest, low-maintenance tree increases the worth of your property by an incalculable amount. Following the blooming period, the vivid green leaves emerge and last until the end of the fall season. Fall color is less noticeable in the southern portion of its habitat, while it is more noticeable in the northern part.

Growing conditions:

These trees may thrive in a wide range of soil types, including sandy loam. Your tree will likely flourish in well-drained soil. It is essential to understand that it does not thrive in excessively soggy or clay soil; therefore, avoid growing it in these situations. To maintain proper development, make sure that your soil remains consistently hydrated.


You may plant the tree alongside an entryway road to a building or along the edge of a patio or deck in your backyard. You might even plant it along the sides of a suburban neighborhood with expansive soil for root growth. Planting on a lawn or as a ground cover forms a lovely small-scale courtyard tree.

This tree is the highlight of the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place every spring. Visitors from around the globe gather in hundreds to watch the breathtaking display of these trees in full bloom. You can enjoy the same gorgeous pink explosion of color and scent inside your garden now that you have access to it. 

These trees have a broad-columnar shape; however, they will develop a more circular shape as they mature.

The growth rate is moderate, mainly when the tree is young. This magnificent tree provides a respite from the gloomy grasp of the winter season with a spectacular array of rosy pink flowers which last two to three weeks of spring.

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Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Okame Cherry tree

    Posted by Jane Brown on Jan 10, 2022

    2 years since I bought this tree from you, I can see now how Stunning it’s Appearance is.

  • 5
    Okame Cherry tree

    Posted by Jane Brown on Jan 10, 2022

    2 years since I bought this tree from you, I can see now how Stunning it’s Appearance is.


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