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New Arrivals

New arrivals are plants, trees, shrubs, perennials & More. We offer a wide selection of rare, unique and hard-to-find plants at affordable prices. Whether your home or office needs some greenery or you're shopping for that particular plant lover that has everything. You can buy with confidence from our family-owned business because we stand behind everything we sell. Our #1 goal is to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase, so they'll be back again soon! That's why all orders come with a year guarantee.

Quality Garden Plants, Native Plants, Wildflowers and Mosses Too

Tn Nursery is proud to offer a wide selection of plants that are sure to please even the pickiest gardeners. We have been offering top-quality plants for over 65 years, and our customers love us because we always deliver on time, with excellent customer service and low prices! Ordering from TN Nursery is easy, fast, and secure! Just add items you want into your cart, checkout securely online, or call us at 931.692.7325. Our friendly staff will take your orders and ship what you need - guaranteed! For more information about our company, visit

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The average person has no idea which plant will thrive in their garden, and they don't have time to do all that research. That's why we offer big selections new plants for you. We only offer quality plants that are proven winners in our gardens. Our team of experts hand-picked these varieties because they're fast-growing and beautiful - just like us! With Tn Nursery as your partner, you'll get high-quality plants delivered straight from the nursery within days of ordering them. You won't need any tools or supplies either! Just follow our simple planting instructions included with each order, and enjoy watching your new plant grow into an impressive specimen over time! 

Our nursery offers a wide selection of new and exciting plants that you won't find anywhere else. We have thousands of varieties available for your garden, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and more! At Tn Nursery, we are passionate about providing our customers with unique plant options. That's why we offer you plants other nurseries doesn't have like a large variety of different plant types that are sure to fit any need or taste. If you're looking for native, rare and exotic plants, and we'll do everything in our power to help you out!

All Plants Finder - New Arrivals

There are countless varieties of plants that you can grow in your gardens. Some are perennials, some wildflowers, and then there are ferns and mosses. You have trees that bear flowers and fruits. All these garden beauties are drought-tolerant and make your place a heaven on earth. These prayer plants grow easily. The plant care is minimal.  So, who wants multiple plant varieties at affordable prices? Well, you are lucky enough to visit the right place for this. Tn Nursery is fully loaded with new arrivals. Yes, you heard that right!

We have added more plants to our already existing collection. You can lay hands on your favorite plants from the never-ending choices.  So, here are the exclusive products that are new and suitable for your growing zone. Have a look at them and secede what you want.

New Arrivals for Sale

Tn Nursery is selling plants that are brand new to the collection. Here they are:

Fruiting Apricot Trees

We have Goldcot varieties available. It lies in maturity size between 2 to 4 feet. If you live in the hardiness planting zone 4 to 8, this is perfect for you for air purifying. The blooms occur in early March or late February, and they need to be kept dry to stay on the plant and bear fruit. The fruit is available to harvest within 100 and 120 days after a tree grows and blossoms.

Fruiting Peach Trees

Peach trees usually start providing fruit two to four years after being established. You can get a wide variety of fruiting peaches, including Carymac, Red Haven, Harvester, All Red, Winblo, and White Lady. They are also 2 to 4 feet tall.

Fruiting Pear Trees

China Pear is what we have in stock for you. The variety is excellent and bears fruit rich in flavor. It thrives in full sun. Trees can take three to ten years to blossom and produce fruit. Annual pruning is vital to keep the tree strong, productive, and attractive.

10 Oak Acorns

Eastern and North America are home to the chestnut oak, sometimes known as rock oak. Even though they develop well in drier, well-drained, moist areas with a medium PH, these plants are adaptable to dry and infertile potting soils. You can get them as a bundle of 10 on sale. 

Butterfly Plants Package

Now, you can lay hands on nine beautiful butterfly plants. These are meant for attracting different pollinators, especially butterflies. Most of the plants belong to the perennials category. You can have plants like Coneflowers, Honeysuckle, and Trumpet Vines. 

Fast Growing Trees

In this super amazing deal, you will get three varieties of gorgeous fast-growing trees. These plants include Tulip Poplar, Red Maple, and Weeping Willow. These trees are known for their great shade. It is beneficial to have them in your gardens as they develop very fast. They require bright indirect sunlight.

Fern Plant Packages

We have three of the finest ferns that grow in different conditions. Our fern plant package includes Christmas fern, Ostrich fern, and Lady fern. If you are designing a new garden, they can act as base or foundation plants/plant parents for it. 

Flowering Perennial Plants Package

If you live in a zone of hardiness that ranges from 3 to 7, this bundle is ideal for you. Perennials are species that live for two years or more. Three Orange Daylilies, three Virginia BlueBells, and four Dutchman's Breeches house plants are present in the deal box.

Flowering Trees Package

Trees with unique and shaped leaves are a treat to watch in winters. So, if you want trees with white, pink, and orange leaves, this bundle belongs to you. What do we have in it? Well, you can get Flowering Dogwood, Redbud, and Tulip trees. 

Fruiting Plum Trees

Plums are sweet and sour and have so many health benefits. We offer different plum types, such as Waneta, Hanska, Ruby Prince, Red June, Santa Rosa, and Scarlet. They are perfect for zones 4 to 8. 

Hummingbird Plant Package

Both the pollinator and the flowers benefit when different hummingbirds approach a flower. Besides that, the hummingbird is a lovely bird that will draw everyone's eye to your garden. Trumpet Vines, Honeysuckle Vines, and Coneflowers are included in this set.

Japanese Snowball 

It is a flowering plant belonging to Japan, as the name indicates. It bears beautiful white rounded flowers that are unique in their appearance. You can also see them naturally growing in China, Taiwan, and Korea. 

Trellis Climber Package

You will have 15 great indoors in this package. All of them will be climbers. They grow at a fast pace and add so much depth to the surroundings. You can hang them in different parts of your house as air plants and not only in gardens. The package has climbers like Periwinkle or Vinca Minor, Trumpet, and Honeysuckle vines.

Water Garden Plant Package

Water gardens are beautiful and provide a unique atmosphere. So, if you are interested in projects like that, you will get Cattail, Jewelweed, and Blue Flag Iris in this amazing package. You can plant them in zones ranging from 4 to 8.

Wildflowers Package

Wildflowers are easy to care for and drought-tolerant species. We have three varieties of wildflowers in this bundle. You will get Indian Pink Plant, Dutchman's Breeches, and Daffodils. So, if you are ready to have some colorful flowers, grab the opportunity. We have put so much effort into this family-owned plant business so that you can buy from us with confidence. Tn Nursery is your reliable source of indoor plants because we offer genuine products and never compromise on the quality.

You can contact us through the website and ask about planting tips and other related suggestions. For us, you are also a family; that is why we ensure you get satisfied with everything you take from us. For more details, visit our website ASAP! 

New Products Category

Whether you are searching for a set of ground covers to fill areas in your backyard or the right privacy tree, the process can become quite tiresome. At TN Nursery, you can easily find the plants of your choice in preferred categories. In high demand, we have added a few more categories to the website to enable you to find the plant you have always wanted to add to your garden. 

Let’s tell you about them briefly to help you find the right plants.

Lowbush Blueberry Bushes

Lowbush Blueberry Bushes are found widely across North America and increase well in a wide range of planting zones from 2 to 7. These plants love to grow in organically rich, acidic, well-drained soils and tolerate cold climates. They do not grow much tall, and the 6 to 12 inches tall plants are often used as a ground cover. They are low-maintenance and quickly develop in home gardens beside their naturally occurring habitats. While most of the berries come from Highbush berry plants, the berries of Lowbush Blueberry bushes also have a candy-sweet intense blueberry taste. Besides being cultivated for berries, they are excellent for preventing soil erosion and rehabilitating the land. 

Okame Cherry Trees

Widely known as February’s prettiest tree, the Okame Cherry Tree stands up to its reputation. It is a hybrid between the gorgeous Fuji Cherry and Taiwan Flowering Cherry plant. The rosy pink blossoms that bloom on the branches in early spring make everyone fall in love with them immediately. These flowers have a mild fragrance and last a long time. Okame Cherry grows best in partial or complete shade, developing up to 2 feet every year.

Besides mesmerizing everyone with its glorious display of flowers, it acts as a shade tree and adds value to your house. It is quite an easy-to-maintain plant that tolerates humidity and heat greatly. It is also drought-tolerant, making it convenient to plant in areas with less moisture. Grow it in your backyard or plant as a privacy tree, giving eye-pleasing scenery to the spectators.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Nikko Blue Hydrangea, also known as the big leaf Hydrangea, is among the most classic varieties of the Hydrangea plant. They are deciduous flowering shrubs and make between 6 and 10 feet in size (height and width). Beautiful blue flowers appear on the tree during summer and fall. It loves exposure to partial to full shade to grow appropriately with moist, well-drained soil.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea has flattened flower clusters on branches with dark green elliptic or obovate leaves, while the fruit is capsular and cup-like. The blue or pink florets (without petals) show in June and stay for two months. The plant thrives well in hardy zones 5 to 11, tolerating the highly humid and hot weather in Summer. 

Fruiting Apricot

Prunus armeniaca, commonly known as the Fruiting Apricot, is grown widely in North America. Stunning white flowers appear on the tree in the flowering season. It grows in an upright shape with a spreading canopy. The leaves are ovate and have a pointed tip. The Apricot tree is grown primarily for the fruit and lives for 40 years, depending on the plant variety and growth conditions. The trees reach around 20 to 40 feet in height. Please provide them with full sun and see how they grow into giant fruiting trees. The best time to grow Apricot is fall, as the plant requires frequent watering when cultivated in summers.

Get yourself a gorgeous Apricot plant to enjoy the fruit every fruiting season!

Fruiting Apple Tree

It is often mentioned, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And what’s better than having that apple from your garden!

Apple trees may look like they need a lot of care to grow; they are pretty easy to cultivate. They love the sun and need around 8 hours of sun every day. Thus, apples are a common choice of fruit tree for warm areas. Varying varieties of Apple trees grow in their specific growing zones. The “Hardy” trees do well in Hardiness Zones 3 - 5, whereas “long-season” trees grow best in zone 5 - 8.

Among the different varieties available, Dwarf apple trees start bearing fruit less than three years after cultivation, while standard-sized species can take up to 8 years.  Fruiting Apple trees do not need extensive watering, but keeping their roots moist helps grow adequately. They need one inch of rainfall or consistent watering at least once a week, May through October. Get your favorite Fruiting Apple Tree from TN Nursery and enjoy the look of white-pink flowers before the arrival of the delicious fruit.

Kwanzan Cherry Trees

Japanese Cherry Trees are a treat to the eyes, and Kwanzan Cherry Trees is one of them. These trees, belonging to the Rose family, attain a height and spread of 30 to 40 feet on maturity and live up to 25 years under preferred climatic conditions. It does the best in full sun with up to 6 hours of exposure each day and grows into a vase shape. Kwanzan Cherry Trees are drought-tolerant and adapt to several soils, including alkaline, acidic, sandy, loamy, well-drained soil.

Deep pink double flowers bloom on these trees from April to May, exposing a stunning scenery display. The Foliage is ovate with serrated margins and turns orange to bronze in Autumn. Plant the water regularly in young years and keep the ground 1 to 2 inches moist. It does not require much care when mature and just enough watering to keep the soil wet. Add Kwanzan Cherry Tree to your landscape and make it a focal point for the whole neighborhood, especially in spring.

TN Nursery is heaven for anyone who loves to plant gorgeous varieties of trees in their garden or backyard. Now, you can find plants for sale with more varieties in all categories, sizes, and forms.

New Arrival plants are available online at Tn Nursery

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