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If you want to create a beautiful garden that fits right in with your local landscape then our native plants are exactly what you need. We stock affordable native plants that suit every US zone and we offer low grower price every day. Need bulk quantities? No worries. We also offer fantastic discounts on bulk purchases.

Native Plants should be purchased from someone you trust

When it comes to buying native plants, we know you want to buy from a native plants nursery that you can trust to sell you hardy, mature plants that suit your location and are good for the environment. So we’re happy to report that we take great care to harvest propagation stock in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.

We source propagation from a wide variety of locations so no one ecosystem is negatively impacted by the removal of lots of seeds or cuttings etc. We also take care to source propagation stock from every US zone so that we can grow plants that are perfectly adapted to each USDA hardiness zone that’s represented in the US. That means when you order from us, we can send you plants that are not only hardy to your zone but are also well-adapted to your climate.

Native Plants are specific to most locations

Because we grow almost all our native plants ourselves, we cut out the middle man and can pass on the resultant savings with everyday low grower prices. While other native plant nurseries sell cheap, weak native plants that wither as soon as you plant them, we sell affordable native plants that are well cared for, hardy to your climate and are strong, healthy and mature. For instance, our flowering native plants are blooming-age, which means they’re mature enough that they can flower the year they’re planted.

And when you buy in bulk, we’ll reward you with fantastic wholesale discounts no matter whether you’re a home gardener or a landscape architect sourcing native plants for a large commercial project.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on hardy natives, all our native plants look beautiful, feel beautiful and have a beautiful price.

Native Plants
Native plants are essential to the local biodiversity preservation of these plants, as well as to animals and birds also native to the area. Such plants are also important to humans and evolution. And, a movement has begun to shift from mass-produced plants available at nurseries nationwide to focusing on native plant landscape.

What are Native Plants?

Each region of each country has a unique ecological system comprised of specific plant life that has thrived in that region for centuries. The plants that are native to North America are far different from those found in the Amazon. Many native plant species in the Northern Hemisphere are unable to survive in tropical climates and vice versa. Native plants in their proper habitat provide harmony to the delicate balance of life between animals, plants, and people. As these plants are removed and replaced by non-native plants, the ecosystem is disrupted.

Benefits to Native Plants

Several benefits exist to using native plants in your garden and landscape. Native plants require far less maintenance. You will not have to use as much fertilizer or pesticides because these species have natural tolerances to local pests. These plants also help to provide essential nutrients to their native soil and are beneficial to local water supplies and air quality. The more native plants you have around your house, and in your lawn, the less you have to water the garden or mow the grass which saves precious freshwater supplies and reduces carbon emissions from lawnmowers.

Caring for Native Plants

The best way to care for native plants is to avoid using non-native plants in your landscape and garden. By doing so, your plants will be able to thrive without having to fight for nutrients to survive. Even though native plants require less care, you will likely still be required to provide them with water during dry times and, in some instances, to trim them back, so they keep growing. Try to use reclaimed rainwater for watering and organic fertilizer such as compost to keep your plants and your neighborhood as healthy as possible.

Join the native plant movement and reap the rewards. You will save money on plants, care, and maintenance. And, native plants are significantly better for the health of other native plant life, birds, animals and humans.

Native Wild Plant Advantages -Cattails, daisy plants, pa sedge grass
Native wild plants can make a great addition to many landscapes. There are a variety of options available to meet your outdoor needs. Most types of native wild plants are easy to care and low maintenance. However, each will add a unique flair to your landscape.

Cattail Plants, Talk About Diversity!

There are a variety of cattails in existence. Found in wetland regions, cattails can also make the perfect to pond landscape or another body of water. With proper care, these plants can thrive. However, cattails need regular maintenance for adequate growth. Not only do they look great, but they also provide other advantages. For example, cattails can provide habitats and protection for aquatic animals. The plant also has a rich history of being useful to humans as well. Native Americans learned that the plant was edible and produced a nutty flavor when roasted or dried. Cattails are also used to create furniture, mats, and other goods.

Daisy Plants

This standard, widespread flower is a huge favorite of home gardeners and professional landscapers, alike. Perhaps it is because of their classic simple look or the fact that they are straightforward to grow and care for. There are several different variations of daisies so that you can find the perfect look for your needs. These flowers are known to thrive in warm-winter climates and are incredibly low-maintenance. Daisy plants are tolerant of heavy rain and wind and are the perfect choice for those that don't want to spend a lot of time or effort caring for their landscape.

Pennsylvania Sedge Grass

Pennsylvania sedge grass is a grass-like perennial that produces low-lying clumps. The plugs can be planted about 12 inches apart from each other during the fall and will produce lush foliage with little maintenance. This type of plant provides excellent ground cover, and some even need to mow only two or three times a year. Pennsylvania sedge grass thrives in partially sunlit areas.

Virginia Blue Bell - Mertensia virginica
The Virginia bluebell is also known as the Virginia cowslip, lungwort oyster leaf, and the Roanoke bell. Like most flowers, the Virginia bluebell blooms in the Spring. The plant is native to all of eastern North America, but it is most common in Virginia. The Virginia Blue Bell can grow to be about two feet high and features, and as its name suggests, has blue, bell-shaped flowers at the top of the stem. Even though the flowers are blue when they are fully bloomed, the blooms begin as dark pink. The flower is unable to participate in self-fertilization, so it needs to rely on insect life to reproduce. Butterflies are the primary pollinator of the Virginia Blue Bell, but Bumblebees are also able to spread the plant as well. The Virginia bluebell does best in sandy soil, but they can survive in many different environments. The plant is susceptible to disturbances, and they are likely to over-watering. It should not be attempted to transplant a Virginia bluebell, especially while they are in bloom. If a transplant is necessary for these plants, it is best to wait until the fall when the plant is out of bloom. This will increase the chance of a successful transplant.

Buy native plants wholesale at Tn Nursery

When you are planting your garden or landscaping a large area, you must turn to native plants. These plants are perfect for beginners, are easy to grow, and they are almost maintenance-free. Use the steps below to choose the right plants for landscaping and to fill out a garden that you can be proud of.


Native Plants Are Almost Guaranteed To Grow


 A native plant lives very quickly because it was meant to be planted in your location. You can be almost assured that you will not kill the plant, and you can determine which plants are the most fun to deal with because none of them are too complicated. You will save money in the process, and you can see the plants growing. That little bit of accomplishment will make you feel more confident about your gardening.


Native Plants Withstand The Weather


A native plant is perfect for beginners because it lives very quickly. You never need to worry about the weather, and you should remember that you can bring some plants in if it gets a bit too cold. However, these plants will not cause you problems. You do not need to scramble when it gets cold, and you do not need to worry about losing your whole crop in the winter. These plants will rebound in the spring.


Native Plants Help You Check Your Progress


 ou can check your progress when you are growing native plants because you can see which of your techniques work best. Since you know the plants will grow, you can use the methods that will give you the best results. Someone nervous about growing can learn a lot about increasing by experimenting on a native plant that they already know will perform well.


Native Plants Are Affordable


Native plants are easy to grow and affordable. You can get as many native plants as you need at a local nursery, and you do not need to worry about spending too much. You will not go outside your budget, and you will not lose money in the process. Plus, they are almost maintenance-free, which means you get value out of the plants you have purchased. When you are planning a large landscaping project, you might need to use native plants to keep your budget down. Plus, you want to assure your clients that you are using their money wisely.


An Homage To Your Region


 When you plant native flora on your property, you are making an homage to the area. You can show your guests how you planted things that come from the river banks and valleys, and you could even pick up plants you find in the area to transplant them to your property. The planting that you do should not be difficult for you, and you need to know that starting your garden will be successful so that you will feel motivated to go back out there and plant again.

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