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Monday, April 11

The Medicinal Uses for Squaw Vine (Mitchella Repens)

Squaw Vine (Mitchella Repens) is one of the most effective herbs to treat a broad range of gynecological problems.

Squaw Vine wholesale merchants essentially believe that the popularity and demand for this herb arise from its inherent medicinal properties. The herb helps to prepare and strengthen the uterus for childbirth. Women have traditionally used it for several weeks before the child delivery is due to ensure a safe and healthy birth. Many women have also reported relief with the use of this herb during painful menstrual periods.

Knowledgeable herbaceous plants wholesale dealers are usually aware of the multiple purposes for which squaw vine is used. It can help to provide relief during painful conditions of the reproductive tract in females. Patients suffering from dysmenorrhea are also advised to use this herb. In addition to its critical uterine benefits and assistance in childbirth, squaw vine is reported to have a wide range of other medicinal uses. Some herbal medicine specialists recommend it to patients who suffer from persistent problems of the digestive system. It is also known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system.

Squaw Vine can be conveniently obtained through an excellent online nursery. The key chemical components of this herb include tannins, saponins, mucilage, glycosides, and alkaloids. Some of these ingredients actively help to treat the condition of colitis. If colitis is particularly marked by higher mucous production, the herb can act as an effective astringent to address the condition. Its medicinal properties have a therapeutic effect on the mucous membranes, resulting in a gradual reduction of the mucous discharge.

Some herbalists have also applied the astringent properties of this herb to treat problems such as chronic dysentery and leukorrheal and catarrhal discharges. It is also helpful to address nervous exhaustion and debility in both males and females, mainly when the symptoms are related to the reproductive system. It helps in the reduction of chronic nervous weakness and irritability.

Squaw Vine wholesale demand also thrives because of its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat diseases such as prostatitis and urethritis. It also helps to relieve painful urinary conditions. Topical applications of this herb commonly include its use as an astringent skin cleanser, eyewash, and as a soothing salve for sore breasts in nursing moms. Many herbal healers also recommend its use as a poultice to reduce swelling and soreness of joints. You can treat rheumatic joints with a steam bath prepared medicinally with this herb.

Patients are suffering from edema, a condition marked by fluid retention in the body, are also known to benefit from Mitchella Repens. When combined with raspberry leaves, this herb can serve as an effective sedative for the nerves. It also acts against bacterial infections of the vagina. As a mild diuretic, the herb helps to suppress the condition of excessive urination. Mitchella Repens also helps to treat gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea in both males and females. The herb may be conveniently procured from a reputed online nursery and used per the physician's advice.

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