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Maple Trees are Highly Popular For Planting Near Upscale and Modern Homes

You might be surprised to learn that two Maple trees persist among the Top 10 most common trees in North America. The Red Maple overwhelming takes the top spot year after year, mainly because this variety remains a popular landscaping asset. Sugar Maples also earn top honors primarily because no breakfast table can do without syrup to cover pancakes and waffles.

As a go-to Tennessee Maple Tree nursery, we provide healthy varieties that flourish in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Our complete inventory focuses on the type of Maple Trees that thrive in TN and neighboring states. And although Maple Trees can endure for more than 100 years, not every variety fits into a property owner’s landscape. We want to share the following information to support successful plantings and support our community members in making informed decisions about their tree needs.

What Makes Maple Trees Unique & Popular?

Considered part of the Aceraceae family, Maple Trees trace their origins back more than 100 million years. Although many species disappeared during the Ice Age, approximately 128 varieties thrive in the Northern Hemisphere today. Their popularity in suburban landscapes allows ornamental varieties to flourish. The highly-sought-after sap produces the delicious Maple Syrup found on breakfast tables across the country. The dense wood of Maple Trees also makes them a lucrative timber resource. Although we tend to have a conventional understanding of Maple Trees, these interesting facts may enhance your appreciation.

  • Maple tree seed pods float to the ground like mini helicopters.
  • Maple Trees typically must mature for 30 years before producing suitable sap for harvest.
  • It takes upwards of 50 gallons of Maple Tree sap to make a single gallon of syrup.
  • Tapping Maple Trees does not necessarily inhibit their health or growth rates.
  • Maple products include baseball bats, violins, and bowling pins, among others.
  • Maple Trees bear colorful flowers that include yellow, orange, red, and green.
  • Maple Trees often prosper for 150 years, but some can live for 300 years.

Many property owners incorporate Maple Trees into landscapes because they provide shade, fit proportionally, and produce vibrant fall foliage. These factors tend to improve property values, curbside appeal, and enhance the leisure enjoyment of grounds. Residents generally rate Red, Silver, and Sugar maples among the more popular in this region.

What You Need to Know About Red Maple Trees

The Red Maple remains a front yard darling because it checks many landscaping boxes. The variety matures to 40-60 feet, with branches spreading to a total width of about 40 feet. That places Red Maples among the mid-sized trees, making them ideal for suburban green spaces. Red Maple trees flourish in direct sunlight and grow by as much as 2 feet annually. The country’s largest Red Maple reportedly grows in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park located at the North Carolina-TN border.

What You Need to Know About Sugar Maple Trees

This variety stands out due to its dark-green summer leaves that transition to yellow, red, and burnt-orange when autumn arrives. It prefers full sun to partial shade, requiring a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to prosper. The Sugar Maple matures to 75 feet and spreads out to upwards of 50 feet. These attributes place it among large trees and make it less viable in front-yard landscapes. Growing at a rate of 12-24 inches annually, this variety typically forms a dense crown.

Along with producing the valuable sap used on Maple Syrup, these trees support wildlife such as white-tailed deer, squirrels, and snowshoe hare, among many others. Major League Baseball slugger Barry Bonds reportedly used a Sugar Maple bat when he set a record for hitting 73 home runs.

What You Need to Know About Silver Maple Trees

The Silver Maple also makes more sense as a backyard landscaping asset because it matures to upwards of 80 feet. This large tree can spread out even more expansive than its overall height in some cases. These factors make the Silver Maple a suitable option for large rural properties and expansive backyards.

Homeowners who value shade and the gorgeous fall foliage routinely employ this tall, broad tree into front yard landscapes. It tends to function well as a standalone asset, with shade perennials underscoring it. Another upside to planting Silver Maple stems from the fact it can thrive under seemingly poor soil conditions when other ornamentals might not. Some argue that the sap from Silver Maples outpaces the quality of Sugar Maples.

If you are considering a landscape design from scratch or want to include colorful and hardy Maple Trees into an existing property, we provide only the finest seedlings and stakes. We hope this information proves useful in your decision-making process. If you have any further questions or have made a decision, contact TN nursery today.

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