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Maple Trees

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Maple Tree Benefits In Landscaping 

In most areas of the Northern United States, you will find an abundance of maple trees. 14 different maple species are native. One thing that is great about the indigenous tree is that each type is unique and breathtaking in its way. 


 That is just one reason why so many homeowners and landscapers choose to plant maple trees on properties. They offer so many advantages to any green space or yard. Check out https://www.tnnursery.net/maple-trees-for-sale/ to learn more or read below for some more reasons to consider maple trees:


 1. Maples Grow Easily


 Maple trees can live and thrive in numerous environments and climates, including areas of the United States and Canada that experience four distinct seasons. They can grow in a plethora of varying conditions, though they have a slight preference for acidic, moist soil, and partial shade.


 2. Maples Provide Ample Shade


 Maples, once full grown, provide a much more dense shade than other trees grown in similar ecosystems. They can shade the sunny side of houses in the summer, and their leaves fall before winter so the sun can then warm the home.


 3. Wildlife Thrives in Maples


 Maples provide a habitat for birds to nest in and a place where squirrels can play. 


 4. Maple Leaves Turn Gorgeous Colors in the Autumn


 Maple leaves turn stunning hues in the fall before shedding right before winter, like all deciduous trees. Unlike other deciduous trees, however, the bright crimson, fiery orange, and golden yellow displays of particular maple species' leaves are spectacular and unmatched.


 5. Maples Absorb Noise


 Because of their densely grown leaves, maples absorb any surrounding noise outside, such as loud music, traffic, and lawnmowers, making any home nearby a more peaceful place.


 6. Maples Differ Greatly


 As stated above, there are several species of maple trees, and they come in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and even fall foliage colors.


 There are incredibly narrow maples and those that spread widely. Japanese Maples are petite trees, while Sugar Maples can grow to be over 100 feet tall, and Autumn Blazes and October Glories can be as large as 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide!


 7. Maple Leaves Trap Dirt


 A large number of leaves create enough canopy to block dirt from the surrounding environment, trapping particles. Eventually, the rain washes these allergens to the ground below.


 8. Maples have Attractive and Fun Fruit


 Aside from the lacy, ornamental leaves many maple species have, they also bear beautiful red flowers in the late winter. They also provide winged samaras, which is technically the maple trees' fruit, and these one-winged, helicopter-like seeds fall to the ground in a swirling fashion. Many children grew up calling samaras "whirlybirds" for this reason. 


 9. Maples Aid the Environment


 Like all plants, maple trees emit oxygen in which humans and animals breathe, and take in carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. That means we depend on plants to survive, and trees help us more than other plants only due to their ever-increasing growth and large size. And, more massive maples consume even more carbon dioxide than most other trees.


 10. Maple Syrup


 Maple syrup is, of course, a by-product of the sap of maple trees. Sugar maples are especially plentiful in Northern New England states like Maine, New Hampshire, and, of course, Vermont, which is practically synonymous with syrup. As a matter of fact, the closer you are to Canada, the more sugar maples you will see. After all, everyone's favorite sweet breakfast treat is harvested from the sought-after trees, whose leaves are a Canadian national symbol.


 11. Maples Grow Rapidly


 These sturdy trees grow super-quickly, and they establish themselves rather fast when introduced to a new landscape. You may be surprised to learn that the common Red Maple grows about 5 feet a year. That's almost the size of an average woman!


 In conclusion, maple trees offer many distinct advantages to any landscape. They are beautiful, hardy, and shady. Consider planting a maple tree today! Go to https://www.tnnursery.net/maple-trees-for-sale/ to learn more.


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Make your own maple syrup with maple trees

Ah maple syrup. Can anything beat that sweet, sugary taste? Possibly only the satisfaction you can get from harvesting some yourself from your own home-grown tree.

We all know home-grown produce usually tastes better. So if you want to try your hand at ‘growing’ your own maple syrup, you’ll need to buy yourself a sugar maple tree.

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Plant maple trees when they’re dormant in winter. Soaking them in a dilute seaweed extract before planting reduces transplant shock and will help your new acer get growing even faster in spring. And if you’ve got a deer problem, check out October Glory — it’s deer resistant.

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