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Maple Trees

No other tree can give you the show-stopping red autumn color like the Autumn Blaze Maple. A hybrid of the two most popular maple trees, the red and silver maples, Autumn Blaze, took on their best features and intensified them. This maple tree variety provides solid autumn color every year, grows an average of 3-5 feet per year and is disease resistant. Plant the tree once and enjoy it’s summer shade and fall beauty for decades, perhaps even centuries. A perfect choice for planting along driveways, roadways or other areas where air quality may be less than stellar.


Maple Trees Also Are Great Wind Speed Reducers, Strong & Sturdy and Live For 70-100 Years and longer


The sturdy trunk and limbs of this maple tree make it very resilient to snow, ice and wind storms. No seed pods to clean up and only minimal leaf clean up in the fall.Zones: 3-8Mature Height: 40'-50'ftWidth: 30'-40'ftShape: Oval shapeGrowth: Fast growingSunlight: Full to partial sunSoil: Adapts to most any soil or environmental conditionBotanical name: Acer rubrumAutumn blaze maple has been the most popular new tree since its introduction, winning several ‘Tree of the Year’ awards. The tree is resistant to harmful disease and insects, but is a haven for other wildlife, like birds and squirrels.


October Glory Maple Trees is Our #1 Seller and For Good Reason Too! 

Acer rubrum--October Glory Maple TreeThe October Glory Maple Tree is one of the reddest of the many varieties of native Red Maple. It is known for holding its leaves, which are a vibrant red, a little longer than other deciduous trees in the fall. More heat-tolerant than other similar Red Maples, the October Glory has rapid and vigorous growth. Because of its upward-ascending branches and lack of problematic surface roots, this tree is ideal for urban planting, especially since it does well around pollution and in poor soil. The versatile and easy to maintain October Glory Maple Tree can be adapted for bonsai pruning, planted as a shade tree, or used to line streets and driveways. Zones: 5-8 

Mature Height: 40-50 ft 

Width: 25-35 ft 

Shape: round or oval crown 

Growth: Fast growing 

Sunlight: Partial shade to full sun 

Soil: Prefers moist, slightly acid well-drained soilBotanical Name: Acer rubrumThe October Glory Maple Tree has tiny, bright red flowers in spring, dark green leaves in the summer, and brilliant, fiery red leaves in fall. It also boasts showy red fruit that attracts songbirds and wildlife. Tolerant of drought, it too does well in wet conditions. Because of its ease of maintenance, reliable fall color, and rapid growth, this is one of the most popular and beautiful Red Maple trees used in landscaping today. Acer Rubrum "Brandywine" Red Maple Trees

Acer rubrum x "Brandywine" is known as the Brandywine red maple and grows in hardiness zones four through eight. This deciduous tree grows to 25 feet, with a canopy spread as wide as 12 feet. The tree shows its beauty in the fall when the 4-inch green leaves turn red and then deepen to purple. The color lasts for two weeks or more. There is no yard litter from this tree because, as a male plant, the Brandywine maple does not produce seeds. Plant this tree in the dense shade and to attract songbirds to the landscape. Brandywine maple trees prefer full sun and slightly acidic soil. However, the tree adapts to soil conditions where there is proper drainage. The tree is resistant to leafhopper damage that sometimes affects most maple trees. Keep the tree healthy with an annual feeding of general-purpose fertilizer. Once established, the tree requires little care. Water when the season is unusually dry. Prune to remove dead branches and twigs. Zones: 4 through 8Mature Height: 25 ftWidth: 12 shape: Juvenile - Pyramidal Adult - growth: MediumSunlight: Full SunSoil: does best in moist, well-drained soilBotanical name: Acer rubrum "Brandywine."


The Sugar Maple Tree

The Sugar Maple tree or Acer Saccharum is one of the nation’s oldest and most beloved trees. It is a species that is native to the hardwood forests of the northeastern United States and is most famous for its production of maple syrup. The leaves on this beautiful tree are typically 3 to 5 inches long with 3 to 5 shallow loges and full, coarse, pointed teeth. The Sugar Maple tree is also known for the show it puts on when it changes colors in the autumn months. This tree is where the original fall colors of yellow, orange, red and brown come from. Because of this, it is also one of the most photographed trees in the nation. The Sugar Maple tree attracts a wide variety of wildlife including squirrels, hares, white-tailed deer and even moose. It is one of the hardiest trees and is very deer resistant. The fruit of this tree happens to be a favorite among young children. The fruits are commonly known as “whirligigs” as they twirl towards the ground. The Sugar Maple fits perfectly in garden landscapes where shade and color are needed.

Zones: 3-8 Mature Height: 60-75 feet tall with 40-50 feet wide Shape: oval shape Growth: slow to medium growth Sunlight: thrives in both full sun and part shade. Soil: well-drained, acidic to slightly alkaline soil

Maple Trees