NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Shipping Season

Shipping Season

Shipping Season Differs for Plants - Tn Nursery is Your One Stop Mail-Order Nursery

Do you know anyone in your life who simply prefers one particular season of the year over the others? Most of us know of at least a few people like that who come into our lives. You can think of this as working the same way with plants. Some plants simply thrive better during certain seasons. Other plants can pretty well work through just about any season and continue to get along just fine. 

Shipping Season is important for transplanting and growing- Tn The #1 Mail Order Nursery

In order to have a garden that is fun to look at and admire all year long people must plan ahead in terms of what kind of plants they will place in certain areas. It is quite common for people to forget that they need to do this. When they allow this to slip their minds they may just end up with a garden that is only available during certain months of the year. 

Shipping Season should be Promptly Followed and Acknowledged when Planting 

Winter Plants

Let us identify some winter plants right from the start as they are probably the most forgotten of the bunch. A lot of people think of gardening as only a spring or summer thing, but that is far from the truth. Winter plants such as hollies, fire thorn, and choke berry bushes are all great options for those who live in hard winter climates. 

Spring/Summer Plants 

How about some snowdrops, tulips, or black-eyed susans for the spring and summer months? These are all varieties that crave their sunshine and warmer temperatures. Since both of those can typically be found in the spring and summer months, these types of plants are ideal for that time period. 

Fall Plants 

Finally, you might consider some flowering cabbage or pansies for the fall months. Both of these are great plants for that back-to-school time of year. Make sure you purchase your supply of seeds of these kind before the fall arrives as they are very popular during that time of year.

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