Magnolia Tree

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Sweet Bay Magnolia / Magnolia virginiana Hardy Planting Zones - 5 to 9 Mature Height - 10 to 35 feet, on average Mature Width - 10 to 35 feet, on average Bloom Season - late spring/early summer, typically May to June Sun or Shade - Full sun to partia
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Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree - Size 1-3 Feet Tall

 The Sweet Bay Magnolia is a beautiful tree native to the eastern part of the United States, from the deep South to as far north as New York. Its most notable features are its multipetaled, fragrant, white flowers that appear in the springtime and that grow to be two to three inches in diameter. These flowers have an almost waxy appearance and are distinctly cup-shaped.  In the northern part of its native range, the Sweet Bay Magnolia has a more shrub-like appearance. In either region, it grows fairly quickly and can gain anywhere from 13 to 24 inches of new growth per year. This tree prefers moist, acidic soil and can even tolerate boggy conditions such as one might find in deep southern bayous of Mississippi or Louisiana. The oblong shaped leaves of this tree can be three to five inches in length and are a striking shiny green on their topsides and a more muted, almost silvery color underneath. In Southern regions lacking harsh winters, this plant has been known to display these beautiful green leaves nearly year round. In the fall, bright red fruit adds to the striking appearance of this plant and also attracts various types of wildlife. The Sweet Bay Magnolia, also known as the Magnolia Virginiana, is native to the Eastern United States. It's likely to grow between 15 and 20 feet in the north, and up to 60 feet tall in the deep south. The Sweet Bay Magnolia produces fragrant white flowers in addition to showy fruits with bright red seeds, which beautifully complement the green leaves. Depending on its location, the foliage can be either evergreen or deciduous. This tree is usually planted in parks and can often be found in growing in wet soils near ponds, rivers, and lakes.


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