Leaf Mulch

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

The Benefits of Tree Leaf Mulch 5-gallon bags

For people who love gardening, mulch is one of the greatest blessings to enrich the nutrients of the soil. Since not all soil comes nutrient enriched by nature, mulch compost is one of the best ways to offer the soil the extra boosts it needs to be more nutritious soil for plants. There are many different types of mulch and one of the best ones comes right from the yard in the fall. While some people find leaves an annoying part of fall, leaves from autumn trees make some of the best organic springtime mulch for gardens.

Stored fall leaves create leaf mold which has an abundance of trace minerals. Leaf Mulch offers gardens: beneficial microbes lightens heavier soils, help sandy soils keep moisture, provides a fabulous source of carbon and helps insulate spring plants from the cold. Shredding the leaves by running over them with a lawn mower several times helps the mulch take up less space. It also increases the area mulch can be spread over giving the microbes more effect. Once leaves are shredded they’re placed in plastic bags and stored until spring.

Leaf mulch 5-gallon bags are great to use around shrubs and trees and also to add to flower gardens and vegetable gardens. The mulch is made from leaves, so it is very natural. Homeowners and gardeners can sometimes create a compost pile and add leaves from the lawns and create a beautiful mulch that can be used. Leaf mulch is tremendous and adds lots of nutrients back into the soils and is also good to spread into extensive flower gardens and vegetable gardens. This creates a fertile soil, and the plant grows to become healthy. There are online nurseries that have this type of mulch available to the consumer, and they also offer it at affordable prices. They provide great five gallon bags so they are easy to handle and when it arrives at the consumer it is ready to use on those beautiful flower gardens, natural areas and also in vegetable gardens. This is a great way to fertilize organically.