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​How To Grow Huge Hostas

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 23 , 2016

Hosta Plants

Hosta plants are a nice addition to a bordering plant outside of a home or in a garden. Planting Hostas is a relatively simple process and can be completed in a few steps. When following the steps to take to plant Hosta plants, a person will benefit from beautifully grown Hostas. An online garden center can help you find the perfect plants.

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Hosta Patriot | White Flower Farm

Growing your Hostas

Before planting Hostas, the ground must be properly prepared. To prepare the ground soil, the individual should first prepare the soil by raking through it to remove other plants or tough roots that could be in the way. After the soil has been raked through, a layer of potting soil mixed with compost or manure may be added; the softer soil will help the Hostas to grow more easily, and the nutrients will assist the plants through their growth cycle.

After the soil has been prepared, an adequate hole should then be dug into the soil to accommodate the roots of the Hosta plant. Also, the area where the Hosta is being planted should be exposed to morning sunlight and shade in the evening for optimal lighting conditions.

After the hole has been dug into the garden area or bordering of the home, the Hosta plant can then be carefully lowered into the ground so that the roots stay level with the top of the plant. After planting the Hosta, the potting soil/compost/manure mixture can be used to fill in the surrounding area.

This process can be repeated for each Hosta plant along the border of a garden or home, or wherever the individual desires the plants to be. After the Hostas have been planted, they should be watered with at least an inch of water once per week to ensure the moisture level within the soil is ideal. Come early Spring; a fertilizer should be applied to the plants to help them to grow large and vibrant.

A 10-10-10 or a 5-10-5 fertilizer may be used with the plants every six weeks as directed to help ensure the plants are healthy and growing well. When people utilize steps to take to plant Hosta plants, they can rest easy knowing the plants will grow beautifully and accent their home or moss garden.

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