Hazel Alder Seedlings

Hazel Alder Seedlings

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Height At Maturity:
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November 1st Through April 15th

Sun & Shade

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Hazel Alder Seedlings

Also known as Smooth Alder, the Hazel Alder is a thicket-forming shrub native to eastern North America. It grows across western Nova Scotia and southern New Brunswick, extending south to Florida and Texas. The leaves are quickly identifiable on alders as they have finely-toothed margins. They grow a dark green color and are broad, flat, and about 2 to 4 inches in length. Round and straightforward, the leaves also take a V-shape at their vase and are smooth on top with fine hairs along the pale green bottom. In general, some stems grow from its base and produce reddish-green flowers. Alders bloom in March and April, producing both male and female catkins of varying lengths. The fruit is cone-like with winged scales. Seeds grow in small cones but without wings. The fruit matures in the fall.

Hazel Alder Seedlings also prefer a soil type that is neutral in pH.

Alders are used medicinally as a tea for a variety of aches and sores, or as astringent or diuretic. It's favorable for its ability to grow in very moist conditions. Alders do not require a lot of care for them to develop and establish themselves. A successful tree provides a dense growth of leaves at a relatively short height. Because these trees are fast growing, they are also preferred for landscaping purposes. Native plants are always reliable and prosperous choices.

 Uses for the hazel alder seedlings

There are several things that people can use the hazel alder seedlings for. The first use is a cure for a person's inflammation. This is because it contains an anti-inflammatory agent known as salicin. This is going to help to metabolize some of the salicylic acids inside of a person's body. The second use is for the bark of the plant. Some Native Americans will use it to treat insect bites, irritations on the skin, and poison oak. This is because it contains betulin and lupeol. Therefore, it can also be used to treat tumors, tuberculosis, and a variety of different lymphatic disorders.

Hazel Alder Seedlings can be used in many different items. 

The second use to cook or smoke a variety of different foods because of the wood in the tree has a unique flavor. Some of these foods might include salmon, other types of seafood, and coffee. The third use to make electric guitars. The guitars are owned by the company Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. They have been using the plant to build their guitars since 1950. It makes the guitar strings tighter so that it will have a more balanced tone. The last use of different types of furniture like cabinets, tables, and anything else that could be made of wood because the alder wood is very durable.