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Hazel Alder Live Stakes

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Hazel Alder Live Stakes 

The Hazel Alder fruits ripen around the end of fall and last throughout winter. They look like small pinecones. It can withstand acidic to neutral soil. It is found as a large shrub bordering streams and rivers. Its decoction is used to treat cutaneous diseases and to treat an upset stomach. It is widely used in shoreline restoration projects. If you live by a stream bank, this will be the best shrub for you as it will prevent the erosion of soil and protect the shore. It provides an excellent cover for ducks and is a commonly used by birds to build nests. These streamside trees look great at any water garden.

Hazel Alder Live Stakes are also small and can be used like large shrubs.

These plants are often used as stream bank shrubs to prevent erosion of the bank. These small trees make great shrubs. This little tree also attracts wildlife and is very hardy. This large plant produces an abundance of beautiful leaves and is very sturdy in wetland areas.  This plant will also attract several varieties of birds, squirrels, and insects.

 The Hazel Alder (Alnus Serulata) is a small but fast-growing tree, growing from 5-20 feet tall and up to about 4 inches in diameter.

Its yellowish winter flowers are exuded in long, slender clusters called catkins. It is a tree that is favored by many kinds of wildlife as a source of food, making it an ideal choice for attracting animals to a particular area. It is a large, attractive tree that has a long history of use for some medicinal purposes. This tree will grow small cones in fall. It is suitable for zones 4-9. It enjoys medium to wet soils with a low ph, and can tolerate mucky soil. It will not grow well in full shade.


Hazel Alder Live Stakes