Ground Cover Grab Bag - 25 Mixed Ground Covers Chosen Perfect For Your Zone

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All ground covers in this collection will be perfectly chosen for your hardy planting zone.

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

The Many Advantages of Planting Ground Covers


Ground cover plants are an invaluable part of a garden. There are many different types of ground covers, but they all serve a few essential functions. First and foremost is weed control. Ground covers tend to be dense, low-growing plants, which means they spread out and deny weeds space and water they need to thrive. Using ground cover as weed control is very useful, but it takes a few seasons before the ground cover will be dense enough to control weeds by themselves. For the first 1-3 seasons, regular weeding will be necessary.

The second use for ground covers is erosion control. Especially on slopes and hills, the dense root systems of ground cover plants can help keep the soil from eroding away. The roots of ground cover also help hold water in the soil where it is needed, rather than washing away downhill or evaporating back into the air.

A third great reason to have ground cover plants is that they protect and encourage beneficial insects and other animals. Earthworms, essential for the health of soil, are protected from birds by the dense ground cover. Other insects, such as ladybugs and other beetles, lacewings, hover flies, and even parasitic wasps will take up residence in ground cover plants and immediately start eating destructive creatures like aphids, caterpillars, and slugs. Flowering ground covers will attract butterflies and bees, which will help pollinate other plants.

The fourth benefit of ground cover plants is the fact that they are a low-cost and low-maintenance way to keep difficult areas green. Dry, patchy spots may not be great for grass, but there are many ground covers that thrive in full sun and low moisture. Instead of weeds sprouting between paving stones, ground cover plants can be used for a much more delicate look. All in all, ground cover plants are an extremely beneficial part of almost any garden or yard.

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