Greater Periwinkle - 12-18"

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Greater Periwinkle-Vinca Major Hardy Planting Zones- 7-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Partial Sun Mature Height - 1-2' Mature Width- 2' Bloom Season – Spring and Summer Gardener Status- Beginner

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Vinca Major – Big Leaf Periwinkle

 Greater Periwinkle, also known as big leaf periwinkle,  is a beautiful plant especially when it shows its blue/violet flowers. This plant will bloom in spring and can also bloom until the first frost. This plant will work well as a ground cover because it will spread rather quickly. This perennial can help with soil erosion problems. It will have dark green leaves when growing. It can grow as tall as 36 inches and can do great in partial shade. This plant prefers well-drained, fertile soils.

Greater Periwinkle is more commonly known as bigleaf periwinkle. It can grow on hillsides and steep banks where other plants have failed to develop. This look could add some much-needed color to the region with contrasting green foliage and blue-purple or lavender flowers. It is great for keeping erosion in check. Most frequently seen as garden ground cover, it is rightly named for the color of its blooms. Flowers display themselves from April to May. Despite its color namesake, it is obtainable in a variety of colors and slightly different plants. The variety and color of your choice should be based on the needs of the particular landscape. Vinca major is elementary to grow, and the biggest concern that should arise is how to keep it under control. 

Greater Periwinkle grows much more vigorously than its smaller version, the vinca minor. As long as the plant is in the best conditions, it should need very little care once it grows. As with most gardens, weeds may need to be removed until the vinca major grows enough to shade out any likely new growth of the weeds so that weeds shouldn’t be a bother anymore. Even though many soil and sunlight settings are accepted, acidic soil in a partial shade location is best.

Greater Periwinkle vine stays green year round but may become leaves may become discolored or even burnt if it receives too much sunlight. It is less accepting of colder temperatures than its smaller version.  It is a very vigorous grower. Most plants don’t grow any taller than four inches making it a perfect as a groundcover. Due to its persistent nature, it should not be planted close to anything that, to the plant, is fair game for being used as a support for its growth. 



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Greater Periwinkle