The Best Shrubs For Borders And Hedges That You Need

The Best Shrubs For Borders And Hedges That You Need

Posted by Tammy Sons on 19th Feb 2019

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Shrubs Make Excellent Border Plants

The beauty and utility of a home are not confined inside four walls but includes the landscape surrounding the house. The options are limitless when it comes to plants and design. One option that offers a great deal of versatility and beauty is shrubs. Their use should not be limited to a singular planting but also as a beautiful alternative to smaller plants in a border. As a border, shrubs and bushes are excellent choices because they offer a vast selection of size and colors. Among the best options are hydrangeas, burning bush, and several varieties of privet.

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Hydrangeas are superb for borders since their foliage is full and dense. This feature allows for very few gaps and provides the lush look that makes a border so appealing. Color options are essential considerations when landscaping that's why hydrangeas are such a great choice — the colors available range from pure white to deep, dark hues covering every color imaginable. Also, the variety of blooms is vast. The size of flowers ranges from compact to huge, billowy varieties. Hydrangea is not only good choices when it comes to color, but they are also easily pruned so they can be trimmed to any size to fit the contours any lawn.

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Another choice for borders is the Burning Bush

This beautiful plant has a brilliant red display of foliage in the fall which is excellent for any area in need of color or an interesting focal point. Even when it's not displaying is a bright red color, it is a dark green that compliments any surrounding plants. This hardy bush is not only beautiful but is low maintenance and once established is fast growing.

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Privet is also highly desirable as a border since it is dense enough for a lush display and is also available in several varieties. The best range is dependent on visual preference. Three types have varying degrees of green foliage throughout the fall and winter. The Amur North River has yellow-green, the Cheyenne has a somewhat medium green color while the Regel variety is a slightly deeper green. All types provide white blooms and low hanging blackberries that birds enjoy during the winter months. A different variation is the Golden Vicary which is aptly named because of the bright yellow foliage it has when planted in full sun. If full sun is not achieved, however, it will be green in color instead of gold.

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Although landscaping options are endless, it is essential to consider the options available without getting too overwhelmed with any plants "proper" use. Using small plants and flowers is not the only choice for creating beautiful borders. A shrub or bush can just as easily provide the same eye-catching effect as its miniature counterpart.

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