Food Plot Plants


Food Plot Plants


Food plot plants can serve multiple purposes. Some grow them to attract wildlife to their properties for observation. These may include deer, waterfowl, turkey, chipmunks, birds, or squirrels. On the other hand, some gardeners cultivate food plants for their livestock, including horses, cows, goats, or other grazing animals.


Regardless of your reasons for searching for food plot plants, TN Nursery is here to help. We want you to have a pleasurable shopping experience. Plus, we hope you will take the time to peruse our blog, product descriptions, and all other information so you can choose the best food plot plants to suit your needs.


We have seventy years of knowledge, so the bare-root plants you get from us will be of the utmost quality. Once you've shopped with us, we know you will agree.


Our Best-Selling Food Plot Plants


We have too many food plot plants to include in this short overview, but here are a few of our best sellers:


  •      Blue Gama Grass - Zones 3 through 10: This ornamental grass also delivers good nutritional value to grazing animals. It's one of our best-selling food plot plants, perhaps because it is both cold- and heat-tolerant.
  •      Wild Oats - Zones 3 through 9: Wild oats are a veritable feast for deer, cattle, and horses. It is a lovely, tall blue-green grass that requires no care after planting other than water if you experience an extended dry spell.
  •      Red Chokeberry - Zones 4 through 9: If you are more interested in birdwatching than feeding herbivores, the red chokeberry might be an excellent choice. It has beautiful rich green leaves and adorable little white flowers in the spring. Ground-dwelling birds find them especially tasty due to the shrub's low stature.
  •      River Oats - Zones 5 through 8: If you have a pasture with an area of slow-draining or wetter soil, river oats provide the ideal remedy. They love a wet, sunny setting and thrive even in adverse conditions. Once you plant your bare root plants, you will not need to give them any additional attention.


Shop TN Nursery for the Best Food Plot Plants


When you have domestic or wild animals that rely on you for sustenance, you need food plot plants that will give you predictable and reliable results. The TN Nursery team has the healthiest plants you will find. Browse our site with confidence and, of course, reach out if you have questions.

Food plot plants help attract deer to your property. The goal of the food plot plants is to keep deer, squirrels, turkeys, and other wildlife coming to your property for hunting or well-fed and healthy Options from TN Nursery like berry bushes serve a dual purpose—they are nutritious for deer, and the food they enjoy eating. Buy plants from our nursery. They have different blooming seasons and are hardy in regions across the United States.

1. Black Raspberry

2. Dewberry

3. Low Bush Blueberry

4. White Baneberry

5. Pokeberry

Food Plot Plants Are Great For Animal Lovers, Hunters and Reforestation


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