NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Ferns For Zone 6

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Ferns For Zone 6



There are plenty of plants from which you can choose if you are looking for something that will work well in your home or office garden. You may also be looking at ferns for zone 6. You must think about the plants you decide to grow because they need to work well in your specific location. Weather conditions vary across the country, which is why you need to pay attention to the zone in which you are located. If you are looking for the top ferns for zone 6, then take a closer look at our selection. 

The Walking Fern

One of the first ferns for zone 6 you may want to consider is called the Walking fern. This is a beautiful fern that will grow well in a wide variety of conditions. If you pick the correct soil conditions in water it regularly, it should grow quickly. It has dark green, thin leaves that protrude from the center. Gradually, this will expand, covering the floor of your garden. If you need something that will quickly cover the floor of your home or office garden, then you should choose this fern.

The Silvery Glade Fern

You should also think about the Silvery Glade fern. This fern can act as a strong foundation for the garden in your home or office. It has dark green leaves that stick out from the thin stem. There is also a strong base at the center, allowing it to withstand a wide variety of conditions. This fern does like to be in the sun; however, it can handle varying degrees of moisture. Consider this fern if you are looking for something different for your home or office garden.

The Ostrich Fern

Finally, another choice you might want to consider is called the Ostrich fern. This is a relatively unique fern that looks like the feathers of an ostrich when it grows. There is a thin base at the center from which the leaves stick straight up. It has a light green color. They can grow well in a variety of soil conditions, including dry soil. It will also grow well with the other plants and flowers you currently have in your garden. Consider going with the Ostrich fern if you are looking for ferns for zone 6. This might make a great addition to your garden.

Call Tennessee Nursery for the Best Ferns for Zone 6

If you need the best ferns for zone 6, our team is here to help you. We are Tennessee Nursery, and we have recently expanded the wide variety of plants we offer. We have done this to make sure you have a healthy selection from which you can choose. That way, you can pick the best plants for your specific garden. Contact us today to take a closer look at our ferns for zone 6!