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Ferns For Sun

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Buy Ferns For Sun offered at Tn Nursery

If you're wondering where to buy affordable ferns for full sun, then you're in the right place. We have a vast range of full sun ferns for any sunny spots in your garden no matter which zone you're in.

Ferns for fun at high, low everyday prices
We believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful garden, so we do our best to keep our prices low all the time. Our ferns are no exception, and you can grab one for only $5.99, or you can bag a great bulk-purchase discount if you buy five or more plants.

Ferns for Sun can often tolerate long droughts

Many people think that ferns need cold, damp, shady conditions. And while it's true that many ferns love those conditions, plenty of ferns love the sun too.

If you're looking for ferns that like lots of suns then you can't go past our massive range of sun-loving ferns and full-sun ferns. All are hardy and low maintenance plants. Some are so hardy they can withstand long periods without water.

Take our resurrection fern for instance. This exotic species can lose up to 75% of its water content and still come back to life when it's watered again. So if your resurrection fern dries out, due to drought or because you can't wet it when you're away on vacation, for example, there's a good chance it'll bounce right back when next it receives some water.

We also stock several other drought tolerant ferns for full sun that you might enjoy if you're in a drier area of the country. And most of our sun-loving ferns are also deer-resistant.

Ferns for Sun make a great addition to any garden border in a sunny spot

So if you want to bag an excellent deal on a full-sun fern for a sunny spot in your garden, all our sun-loving ferns look great and are easy to maintain. Buy yours today from $5.99.

Royal Fern

The royal fern also is known as osmunda regalis, and the flowering fern is an elegant addition to wet areas along ponds, streams, water gardens, bog, shaded borders, woodland gardens, wild gardens, and native plant gardens. This non-flowering plant has a unique texture and structure that are striking to the eye. The royal fern is tall with broad fronds that have large well-separated leaflets. Spring, Summer, and fall is its best time for growing, its fronds usually turn yellow to brown in autumn. A bead-like spore is found in bunches at the tips of the fronds.

The royal fern is best grown in mostly shaded medium to wet soil but also well-drained. It thrives in moist, fertile, acidic soil but may adapt to a lesser condition if there is consistent moisture. While the royal fern prefers a colder climate, it can tolerate the strength of the sun with lots of water keeping the soil moist throughout the day.

The royal fern is resistant to the damage of browsing rabbits and deer. When growing to make sure to allow plenty of room for growth, it may reach 4-6 feet in height, 2-3 feet spread, and 18in in spacing. Most ferns grow slowly so it may take several years to reach their maximum size. Location and plenty of shade throughout the day are essential for healthy growth. Royal ferns need deficient care, making them easy to grow, keeping this plant lively won’t be much of a hassle. They are also a pest, and disease-free, causing these plants very kid-friendly.

The royal fern is an attractive addition to any part of a garden, with its variety of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes there is a stunning fern to fit any need, want, or desire. When buying a royal fern, there are usually two sizes available: bare root with tubes, and 3.5-inch pots. This deciduous plant is just as royal as its name.

Poly Fern

Poly Fern. Polypodium Aureum. Hardy planting zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Mature height under 3 feet. No bloom season. Sun or shade.


The Poly Fern is a standard fern that prefers increased humidity and a warm climate. The Poly Fern is native to the Southen United States and parts of South America. These beautiful bright green plants are perfect for landscaping or to put into a pot as a hanging plant for your porch.


When planted outdoors, the Poly Fern's long feathered fronds creep over the ground and ascend arched into the air. The fronds grow up to two feet long and grow in all directions sprouting from the center stalk of the plant. The Poly Fern will grow up to three feet in height and three feet in width when it reaches maturity. The Poly Fern is the perfect size plant for indoor or outdoor use.


The Poly Fern grows best in soil that maintains balanced moisture and will require a moderate amount of watering. This resilient plant will grow in full sun or full shade. The ability to grow in full sun or full shade makes the Poly Fern one of the hardiest species of fern. In its indigenous growing regions, the Poly Fern thrives throughout forests of trees with minimal sun exposure or in full sun at the edge of the woods. The Poly Fern will reach its fully mature height and width when exposed to ample amounts of sunlight.


The Poly Fern stays lush and green year-round. The evergreen nature of the Poly Fern keeps the plant healthy throughout the colder months of autumn and winter. The Poly Fern does not have a blooming season although during spring it will sprout new fronds with light-colored fiddleheads.


The Poly Fern is the perfect choice for natural decoration within your home or as an ornamental plant for your porch or garden.

Bladder Fern Care

Bulblet Bladder fern (Cystopteris bulbifera) is a beautiful rock-loving fern that has a length of 48 inches. It is slim, light green and reclining plant found in limestone or sandstone foundations. The fern got its name from the tiny green structures that look like a bladder that is located beneath the leaves. The structures are potential reproductive edifices that will ultimately fall off and create fresh bladder ferns. Bladder ferns are found in moderate areas around the world and are a very diverse genus with every species appearing to be different, especially when in harsh environments. The harsh environments make the ferns stay small and stunted.


Bladders ferns grow spores that later develop into bulblets; however, they also breed semi-vegetatively. The bulblets are sunny green semi-silky and begin out as miniature balls and then grow into pre- foliage shaped like kidneys. They are situated beneath the leaves on the stem which splits the leaflets or pinnae. If you are looking to prepare a suitable growing condition for the Bublet bladder fern, burry many limestone wastes in almost neutral, humus-rich soil in humid, low and deeply shaded areas. Bladder ferns can also flourish in loam, sandy and clay soil but needs good drainage. They can also grow in soils with any pH levels.


If put in a condition that it favors, the Bladder fern needs little maintenance plant that does well in an average light condition. The leaves always start to dry up when the fall begins, and the cold temperature starts. Always leave the dead foliage on the fern to create a protecting cover over the core; you can do this over winter. During the late winter, you can now remove the dry leaves to create space for new leaflets. At this time, fertilizer is not needed.


Growing Bladder ferns in the landscape give an air of the wild and a naturalized garden. While purchasing the plants, always be sure to obtain from a trustworthy nursery.

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