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Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen Trees For Sale Affordable at Tn Nursery

Evergreen trees provide year round greenery. If you’re wondering where to buy affordable living fence trees online then you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of living fence trees for sale to suit every situation. Conifers is your answer.

We grow evergreen trees also know as  conifers for living fence trees for every zone to suit conditions in every US state. We grow many of our living fence trees on our farm here in Tennessee (over 3500 acres) and source others from quality growers across the state. That means when you buy from us you always get low, grower prices.

On top of our everyday low prices, you can save even more with our exclusive bulk purchase pricing. We have buy one get one free deals and further great discounts when you buy five or more trees, which is perfect when you’re wanting to plant a living fence.

Whether you want more privacy, to reduce the effects of wind on your property or a more aesthetic fence choice, we have a beautiful living fence tree for you.

Evergreen Trees for living fence trees- Have privacy at wholesale prices

One of the most popular reasons why gardeners and businesses choose to plant an evergreen tree-  living fence conifer is for increased privacy. You can keep prying eyes away and protect your family or employees from curious passersby simply by planting a row of our beautiful and affordable living fence trees to create, as their name suggests, a living fence.

If you’ve got a smaller property, consider choosing species that have a smaller width and height at maturity. Alternatively, you can space a number of trees close together. Doing so forces each tree to compete for resources (water, nutrients and even light) and this limits their lateral and vertical growth.

Evergreen Trees-  Living fence trees for a more aesthetic fencing option

Another common reason why people choose to plant an evergreen trees for a living fence is that they don’t like the look of artificial fences. Any living fence tree can produce a beautiful alternative to metal, wooden and plastic fences. But for something really special, consider a species that produces stunning flowers for a spray of color. Like Cedar Trees, they are an evergreen tree that smells like Christmas year round!

Evergreen Trees make a great living windbreak

If you live in a windy area, chances are you’ve been driven indoors by unpleasant wind on at least one occasion. Depending on how frequent and strong your windy weather is, you may also notice that your plants begin to grow lopsided from being constantly battered.

Thankfully, you can solve these problems with a living windbreak. By planting one or more rows of our affordable living fence trees, you can create a beautiful and cost-effective barrier that breaks up and slows down destructive winds. When you do this, your other plants will thank you and you’ll be so pleased every time you get to stay outdoors to appreciate your garden when all your neighbors are driven into their houses by a ravaging wind. Evergreen trees rock for most landscapes because they stay green all year long and never lose their beautiful needles.

Pro tip 1:

Transplant your new living fence trees when they’re dormant — usually between October and April.

Pro tip 2:

If you want to create a hedge from living fence trees, decide how deep you want the hedge to be and then space each tree the same distance from its neighbors. (So, for example, if you want your hedge to be three feet deep, plant your living fence trees three feet apart.)

Evergreen Trees Includes Pine Trees, Privets and Cedars.