Evergreen Conifers For Zone 7

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Do you need evergreen trees for zone 7? If so, Tennessee Nursery can help you. We have expanded our plant options to give you more choices. We know that your garden may have specific requirements. We are confident our plants can meet them. You need to ensure your home or office garden meets your needs. That way, you can make a positive impression on friends, family members, and business partners. Our plant experts can assist you. What are some of the best evergreen trees for zone 7? What are your plans choices? Allow our plant professionals to help you.


The first Evergreens for Zone 7 you might want to consider is the Burgundy Glow Privet. The Burgundy Glow Privet is a hearty plant that will grow well in your conditions. This is a dark green plant that will add some privacy to your garden. It also has a few splashes of color coming from flowers that bloom when the temperature gets warm. The Burgundy Glow Privet can withstand a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring your property looks great throughout the year.

The Cedar Tree - Evergreens

If you need a taller plant, you may want to consider the cedar tree. Cedar trees grow well in zone 7. Many people love cedar trees because they smell great. They have thin, dark green needles that come off of their branches, filling out the structure. They will also retain their needles throughout the year. You do not have to worry about their leaves falling off when the temperature gets cold. Cedar trees to take a while to grow; however, they project a gorgeous, majestic beauty when they reach their full size. Finally, cedar trees can also stand up to occasional severe weather.

Privet Plants

If you are looking for something inexpensive that will add privacy to your home or office garden, consider our pretty privet plants. These are light green plants that will work well with just about anything else you have on your property. They are thick shrubs that can add privacy to your property. They also look beautiful throughout the entire year. You can customize your light green privet plants to meet the specifications of your property. Our plant experts can help you.

Call Tennessee Nursery for the Best Evergreens for Zone 7
Ultimately, there are plenty of plan choices if you are looking for evergreens for zone 7. A few questions you should answer include:
  • How often do I have to water these plants?
  • What type of sun exposure do I have on my property?
  • Do I need to fertilize them?
  • How often do I need to trim these trees?

No matter what your concerns might be, the team from Tennessee Nursery can help you. At Tennessee Nursery, our plan experts will work with you personally, finding the right trees for your home or office garden. Call us today to speak to a plant expert!