Dogwood Trees

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Latin Name-Cornus Florida, Hardy Planting Zone-5-9 Mature Height-20-35 Width-20-25 Sun or Shade- Full Sun to Partial Sun
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Dogwood Tree

The Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree is an excellent choice to add to your landscape. It likes soils that are moist and acidic. It will produce large white flowers during the spring and early summer months of the year. It can even handle some drought and colder weather. Is Native in some parts.This tree is a fast-growing hardwood that does well in most landscaping settings. The tree blooms in spring and has multiple green leaves in the summer. Their foliage is beautiful in the fall before they drop their leaves. This tree produces red, blue, and white berries in the winter that the birds and other wildlife love. The beautiful and fragrant flowers come in white, dark red, and pink. The white bloom, with a hint of rusty red at the tips, is the most common of the colors.The time to prune your tree is in early spring while it is still dormant. This will help shape the tree as it grows. You will not need to fertilize unless the soil is shallow in nutrients. The Dogwood Tree is the most common ornamental and is an asset to most types of landscaping. It likes partial shade or filtered light so it can be planted among other trees. It also does well in full or half day sun so it has some versatility to where it can be placed.Dogwood Trees have been considered both tree and flower. As a note to its popularity, North Carolina and Virginia have it as their state flower while Missouri has it as their state tree.





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