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Daffodil Bulbs In Your Garden

Daffodil Bulbs In Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Sunday, April 3

Daffodil bulbs are one of the easiest to plant in your garden, but you should know your varieties before planting. 

Daffodils are resilient flowers by nature, and growing them can be fairly easy if you choose the right varieties for your garden. 

Create a vision for the kind of flower bed you wish to have. Daffodil flowers come in different sizes and different colors, so choose the varieties that are appropriate and match with the appearance of the rest of your landscape.

The soil for the plantation of the bulbs should be sufficiently loose and you must ensure that it drains well. Mix a good amount of compost in the soil at first before the soil preparation. The flowerbed can be made with minor ditches or left plain. It may be a good idea to plant the bulbs in the ditches at a slightly uneven distance from each other to make the final appearance look more natural. You can purchase the daffodil bulbs from any reputed wholesale nursery company.

It is important to ensure that the root side of the bulb is planted at the bottom and the pointed side remains up. Cover the ditch after the bulb has been placed, and keep the bed well watered. Fall is the best season for this plantation because the plant needs a winter chill before it is all set to bloom in the spring. The ideal place to grow daffodils is those areas of your landscape that receive sufficient sunlight. However, the plants have the resilience to bloom even in shaded areas or below the trees.

Daffodil bulbs can also be cured for replanting in the next season. To achieve a successful re-plantation, you should let the flower and the leaves to fade away naturally, which make take about a month and a half. Thereafter, you can cut off the blossom and the faded leaves at the soil line. Now you are ready to pull out the bulb along with the soil, and replant it. You can buy good quality bulbs from any well-known online plant nursery at competitive prices.

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