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Hedges aren't just a landscape plant but a living, breathing fence. Planting a suitable cultivar can lead to year-round privacy, natural noise protection, and more.

At TN Nursery, we're proud to keep grade-A conifers in stock so you can plant the perfect shrub line in your front or backyard. We also offer a one-year guarantee so you can be 100% confident in the success of your living fence.

Why Choose Hedges For Your Backyard?

Gardeners have been planting them for time immemorial. For thousands of Americans across the U.S., a dense green hedge line is still part of the American Dream.

But are barriers worth your time and effort? Contrary to popular belief, the right plants won't need much of either. By installing a living fence with a selection of quality cultivars, your final product will require little maintenance (and still look beautiful year-round).

You may want to grow a living fence if:

1. You want to establish a windbreak. If you live in a field or particularly windy area, living fences can reduce the impact of blustery days on your garden, home, and energy bills.

2. You want to slow erosion. Living fences are an excellent solution for steep hills or inclines around your guard.

3. Year-round color. Evergreen shrubs create a winterized privacy fence that maintains its foliage and color despite the winter temperatures.

The easiest way to grow a living fence is to partner with the crew at TN Nursery. We've hand-selected superior stock to ensure the highest quality, then bundled each plant with our 100% warranty so you never have to guess about the final product.

Varieties Of Hedges Our Customers Can't Stop Talking About

Living Fences is experiencing a renaissance, and at TN Nursery, we're proud to support the movement. Our team has spent decades selecting the perfect plants so you can put up a barrier that will last.

Some of our customer's favorite living fence species include:

Foster holly provides visual interest with its sharp leaves and bright red berries.

Northern privet sends out beautiful white flowers during late spring or early summer.

Green velvet boxwood is a widespread species due to its timeless appearance.

Build A Living Fence With Hedges

With so much value TN Nursery offers, it's easier than ever to build a living fence with hedges. We offer everything necessary to get your project off the ground, from a one-year guarantee to helpful planting videos. All you have to do is pick your favorite species; we'll take care of the rest.