NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

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Plants Perfect for Zone 3 

Ferns are an easy-to-grow shade plant for Zone 3 gardens. They thrive in moist soil rich with organic material. They need soil that is neutral to just moderately acidic. Ferns can quickly grow whether you want to place them in a quiet woodland setting, along the north side of your home, or around a shaded water feature. Ferns are genuinely a no-maintenance plant - no pruning, no staking, and no pinching required. Also, deer tend to leave them alone.


 Goatsbeard is another shade perennial plant that can add a beautiful feathery flower texture to the garden. It's easy to grow, does well in part sun, and doesn't require deadheading.


 Foamflower makes an excellent ground cover because of its quick growth habit. The white flowers with the pink undertones have an airy look to them, adding another great texture to a garden. This plant isn't all that fussy about light; it will grow in the shade, part shade, and sun.


 Try Virginia bluebells for early color in your garden. When the foliage first appears, it will have a purple hue that fades to light green as temperatures rise. Blossoms make their appearance in mid-spring and have a nice fragrance that appeals to butterflies and also attracts hummingbirds. It looks great planted among ferns and hostas.


 Daylily plants are another really easy to grow plant type for zone 3 that will give you a lot of options for color and size; plus, they have a long-blooming season. The red and orange daylily plants are a great place to start. These warm colors mix well with daisies and Black-eyed and Brown-eyed Susan plants.


 Iris plants prefer the sun. They bloom in early summer and tend to be deer resistant. They come in many colors, purple, blue, white, yellow. They also come in a dwarf variety that works great it rock gardens or makes a cute ground cover that spreads relatively quickly.


 Red Cardinal Flower or Lobelia is a beautiful, sun-loving perennial perfect for pollinator gardens. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies all love this scarlet red flower that is a wonderful addition to any perennial border.


 Geranium plants in pink and lavender/purple peak at 36 inches and do well in both sun and shade, planted in moist, well-drained soil. Geraniums are plants that look best planted in groups versus just one on its own.


 Daisies are a simple old fashioned perennial flower that is easy to grow and do well in the sun and shade. These white-petaled flowers with golden centers grow in clumps and can grow to about 3 feet. They are a great addition to a perennial bed or border with coneflowers, rudbeckia, cardinal flower, and other tall sun-loving plants.


 Black-eyed Susan or Rudbeckia is commonly thought of as a wildflower, but it is also a wonderful addition to a cutting bed or perennial garden. It thrives in full sun and blooms in summer into fall with its golden yellow petals and its black to dark-brown center.



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