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Exposure- Sun or Shade

Exposure- Sun or Shade

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While many plants will grow in a range of conditions, most plants do best when placed in a specific area of your garden. Before choosing a plant, take note of the city in your yard where it might do best. Sun-loving plants are those that thrive under six to eight hours of full sunlight. Shade-loving plants still need some sun, but they won't reveal their best foliage or blooms unless they are placed in areas of low or dappled sunlight. They cannot withstand any direct sun.

Exposure in each type of plant varies depending on its habitat - Sun or shade.

How do you know if a plant requires sun or shade? Most nursery guides will recommend lighting conditions on plant labels. Full sun labels mean that plants should receive six to eight hours of uninterrupted sunshine to reach their full potential. When sited in the perfect location, these plants will reach their full height. They will also produce the most blooms, and those many blooms will be of high quality. The leaves will be bright, and the petals will be fully formed and large.

Exposure of a plant to the sun is what determines the foliage and life. 

Labels that indicate a plant requires shade mean that the plant should never be set out in direct sunlight. Also, the plant should only receive low or dappled light for less than six hours per day. When planted in the best site, shade plants will reveal lovely patterns and variegated foliage. When placed in too much light, shade-loving plants will have faded foliage and irregularly shaped leaves. Shade plants do not produce prominent blooms. Foliage is a shade-plants main attraction. These plants are typically darker, and their leaves are velvety or detailed.

Shade plants are found in shades of purple, black, cream, and dark green. Leaves are glossy and thick, while others are wide. Sun-loving plants' leaves fall within a light to medium-dark green range. Give your plant the sun it needs, and it will stay true to its nature.

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