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 The Common Moss  has Many Uses & Benefits in Landscaping 


 Mosses are dense plants that usually grow in the shade. They have been gaining popularity among gardeners due to their numerous benefits to the environment. Many people believe that the plants are poorly-developed and can only be used for decorative purposes. They feed through one cell leaves and can grow asexually. 


 Mosses have no roots, seeds, or flowers. One of the features that can provide some softness and vibrancy to your landscaping is adding moss. You can buy moss from https://www.tnnursery.net/moss-for-sale/. Here are some of the benefits of using mosses in your lawn: 


 They Do Not Use or Produce Pollutants


 Unlike many other plants, you do not need to use any soil supplements to promote their growth. According to some landscaping experts, adding any type of fertilizer can be counterproductive and harm mosses. Most fertilizers have high levels of nitrogen, and this slows down their growth.


 With mosses in your landscape, you don’t need to use herbicides. The plants have a natural ability to fight many diseases. Experienced gardeners have noted that they usually get infections due to issues such as overwatering and being neglected. 


 Other chemicals that can be eliminated by planting mosses are pesticides. Most pests and insects do not attack the plants. Those that may be found on them are unlikely to cause damage or slow down their growth. Unlike many plants used in landscaping, they do not require mowing or too much watering. 


 Moss Helps to Determine the Air Quality 


 The plant is a bioindicator, meaning they can help you to know more about the air quality. They are sensitive to pollution caused by elements such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Most of the pollutants originate from manufacturing plants and motor vehicles. When you plant moss in your yard, it will help keep the air cleaner than other areas. 


 Moss Lawns Help in Water Retention and Soil Erosion


 Mosses from https://www.tnnursery.net/moss-for-sale/ act like a sponge. They absorb water quickly and release it into the surrounding environment slowly. As a result, you can notice color changes in moss even after a modest misting. The color change is due to photosynthesis. 


 Another reason why mosses are ideal for landscapes is that they help reduce soil erosion in hilly areas and other parts prone to erosion after a torrential downpour. Unlike most options for lawns, moss does not absorb nutrients from the soil. Usually, areas that are prone to erosion are nutrient-poor.


 It Can Help to Combat Climate Change


 Peat mosses are known to be effective carbon sequesters. Sequestration refers to how carbon from the atmosphere is stored in long term storage deferring climate change. According to statistics, the plants cover about 3% of the landmass. They store more carbon than any other plant. Unfortunately, mosses have been destroyed by human activities across the world. 


 Moss Can Reduce Storm Water Damage


 It is an excellent solution to various problems caused by extreme winter weather. When there are snowstorms, a lot of salt is used. With time, the salt melts into the soil and end up in groundwater. Any runoff water that is not absorbed can pick up various pollutants and eventually drain into water bodies. 


 Some of the pollutants that salt can pick up include bacteria, sediments, and pesticides. Mosses can still survive against polluted water and act as a buffer to slow down runoff water drainage. 


 Moss for Green Roofing


 The use of mosses for green roofs has been gaining prominence over the years due to their numerous benefits. When you have a green roof, it will help absorb any runoff water and reduce the temperatures. The roofs can endure rough weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and hail.




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