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Butterfly plants-We Have Those Native Species That Attract Monarchs like milkweed, trumpet vines, phlox and more at TN Nursery.


Top Butterfly Plants include:

1. Coneflower

2. Trumpet Vine

3. Indian Pink

4. Milkweed

5. Wisteria


Butterfly plants - Attract Those Delicate Beauties in your Garden.

These are not individual species; instead, it is a category that includes plants rich in pollen and serve as a nectar source; hence, they are known for attracting butterflies and bees. This category covers plants that serve as host plants or food sources for butterfly caterpillars. Almost three-fourths of the butterfly species are nearly extinct in the UK. However, gardeners can play a critical part in ensuring that these brightly colored visitors access vital habitats by creating gardens filled with native plants that attract them.


The Monarch butterfly is easily identifiable in the Garden owing to its four-inch wingspan and vivid black and orange color. But unfortunately, this species suffers the most due to lack of habitat and severe weather conditions. These butterflies are particularly fond of blue flowers and gravitate towards them. Hence, a butterfly-friendly garden might also resemble an ocean in this sense.

Butterfly plants attract Monarchs unlike any other method; we guarantee it.

Even relatively small gardens may host many species of butterflies in urban environments, provided they have the proper plants. These gardens are also a widespread phenomenon these days. They are full-sun gardens that include plants that excel in attracting butterflies. Some of these plants include the following:


Milkweed: This plant attracts various Lepidoptera species, particularly Monarch butterflies. They may easily cling onto the spikes of this plant's numerous tiny tubular flowers, sucking and enjoying its nectar with relative ease. Moreover, the long blooming period of this perennial plant provides Monarch butterflies with a consistent nutrition intake while they conclude their annual migration trips.


Liatris plants (Blazing Star) attract pollinators, including hummingbirds and butterflies. People generally refer to them as butterfly magnets. It is excellent for use in borders, gardens, and natural environments. The majority of varieties of this species bloom from summer to early autumn.


Bee Balm (Monarda Fistulosa): Native to the United States, this plant is well-known for drawing various butterflies, especially Swallowtail butterflies. It bears violet flowers with an abundance of nectar and emerges in July, lasting until the end of fall.


Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa): Flowering constantly throughout the summer, this perennial plant has excellent value. Its magnificent clusters of vibrant orange to yellow-orange blooms emerge in the summer; These season-long flowering plants actively contribute to the survival of the monarch butterfly and the painted lady butterfly. You can protect these beautiful creatures by growing milkweed inside your Garden and giving them a safe space.



These plants are the particular categorization of beautiful, bright colors of flowering plants that have the distinctive ability to attract butterflies and honey bees. The addition of versatile and graceful plants to your Garden makes it elegant.


 But when the presence of colorful adult butterflies enhances the beauty of your Garden, then the combination will be worth watching. These plants generate food sources for Lepidoptera by the role of their colorful flowers that act as a source of nectar.



The mesmerizing subgroup of butterfly garden plants requires full sun for six to eight hours daily to reach their maximum height and produce purple flowers to attract various butterflies. The distinctive qualities of coneflowers are carefree growing phase, drought-tolerant, hardy, and long-blooming flower capacity.



The hummingbird plant package gives trumpet vines, honeysuckle vines, and coneflowers in one bag. All these plants have versatile colors. The blue color of the flowers of these plants draws hummingbirds and butterflies. The mutualistic relation between these plants and hummingbirds gives the perfect scenery for the viewers.



This fantastic perennial wildflower species is famous for its ornamental properties. A shady environment and moist soil are imperatives for Indian pink plants to reach their average height of 30 to 45 cm. The pharmaceutical properties of woodland pinkroot make it an exclusive and unique attachment to your butterfly garden plants.



The amalgamation of different ground covers plants in a single box is a worth buying experience for your Garden. Make your Garden more attractive and elegant by buying this ground cover grab bag with twenty-five different plants. All the plants have a distinctive feature of attracting beautifully colored butterflies and insects that enhance the beauty of the scenery.



Get yourself a lovely butterfly garden by purchasing a versatile package of butterfly plants with nine different plants whose flowers are variable in color, from pink to purple, white to yellow, and orange to red. All these plants drop their pollans and give nectar to insects as food, thus getting help from them in pollination.



This lovely wildflower plant solely plays the host for monarch butterfly caterpillars. They have a vital role in the life process of the monarch butterfly. The average height of the milkweed plant is almost five feet. Make this wildflower plant a must-buy for your garden list to get the fragrance and enhance your Garden's grace.



This long-blooming pink velour crepe myrtle serves many functions for ornamental purposes. The pink velour crepe myrtle becomes a versatile addition to your grassland. The average height of these plants is 10 to 12 feet.




The intensive red color of flowers of red cardinal plants attracts butterflies' caterpillars and adult butterflies. A completely sunny environment to partially shady conditions is adequate for their propagation. It is a long-blooming plant that serves as a food source for hummingbirds. 




The golden yellow to orange color wide flowers of this quickly growing perennial makes a perfect boundary of your Garden that melts the heart of observers. Fulfilling the requirement of the full sun enhances its growth to an extended level.



The blooming season of the plants in the trellis climber package with 15 plants is in the spring or summer. Carefree plants require less pruning or shearing and thus become very beneficial for the lovers of gardeners. 



The yellow to orange chrome perennial species that can grow readily and make your grassland attractive is native to the eastern United States. The flower of the trumpet creeper is trumpetlike in shape, and it can grow to magnificent tall height if some solid support is given to the stem.


 Butterfly weeds also grow among these plants, an essential food source for insects.


Tn nursery provides a fantastic opportunity to greenery lovers by giving a beautiful variety of colorful plants for your butterfly-filled Garden. These garden plants make your pastureland decorative and elegant. These plants act as bee balms due to their unbeatable medicinal properties. The vibrant butterflies and colorful flowers make it worth seeing in your Garden.