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Box Huckleberry

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    Box Huckleberry

    Posted by Kellie Springer on 23rd Aug 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens!

  • 4
    Box huckleberry

    Posted by Sarah B on 11th Apr 2019

    Got here way faster than expected in good packaging. Planted same day as arrival and hoping to see new growth soon

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Box Huckleberry is a Dependable, Delicious Berry Producing Ground Cover

Box Huckleberry – Gaylussacia brachycera has berries that resemble a blueberry, as the seeds are small and round; however, the colors are often deep blue or deep purple. Bears and other wildlife eat the berries. Box Huckleberry grow up to four feet tall and require a moderate amount of water. The Box Huckleberry is the name given to numerous plants that belong to the same classification, but most are familiar with that of the blueberry and cranberry. While the taste of the Box Huckleberry is said to resemble that of a blueberry closely, it’s also said to have its flavor that stands out definitely. There are four different types of huckleberry plants including the box, the dwarf, black and thin leaf. In the more western parts of North America, you’ll find ones that are red primarily grow and prefer acidic soil. Around the middle to late summer, the berries ripen and are ready for harvest, reaching the end of harvest around August.

 Box Huckleberry Frequently is Used to Maintain Soil Integrity and Prevent Erosion

 Plant life varies from environment to weather, but for the most part, they seem to have a seventy-five-day lifespan. It’s best to be mindful when harvesting them wild as wildlife tend to eat the berries. Box huckleberries are generally sterile plants that spread out rather than produce seeds. This species truly shines in the fall. Its leaves can turn from a beautiful reddish green all the way to a stunning deep red or scarlet color. This brilliant fall color will remain even during winter months, where the plant lends an extra dose of color to the winter landscape. Box Huckleberries perform best in hardiness zones five to seven. The plants spread readily, so space five to ten inches apart in a partially or fully shaded planting area. Water Box huckleberries lightly to moderately as they prefer dry acidic soil.

Scientific Name: Gaylussacia brachycera

Shrub Height: 6-8 inches

Shrub Width: 2 feet

Growth/Year: 1-2 inches

Soil Type: Dry, acidic soil

Sun: Partial shade

The Gaylussacia brachycera plant also referred to as the Box Huckleberry Plant, is a shrub with membership in the Ericaceae family. The Box Huckleberry is commonly found in the Carolinas of the United States and throughout the Appalachian Mountain Range and New England states like Maryland and Delaware. This plant derives its name as the Box Huckleberry from its leaves, as these leaves more closely resemble those of the Buxaceae (Boxwood) genus than those of the Gaylussacia genus. 


 Ideal growing conditions are dry soil with a pH below seven and mild-to-moderate shade. Colonization is the Box Huckleberry Plant's main method of growth, and these colonies are typically partial to areas of higher elevation. 


 The Box Huckleberry obtains a maximum height of between 4 inches and 9 inches, and leaves grow to a maximum length of 1 full inch. Peak blooming season for the Box Huckleberry Plant occurs from late Spring to late Summer, with the primary fruiting season lasting into August. This plant bears ample amounts of berries when properly grown under ideal conditions. Flowers of the Box Huckleberry Plant feature an oval geometry combined with a white cream color. 


 Most often planted in both urban and rural landscapes, the Box Huckleberry Plant is frequently used to maintain the integrity of nearby soil, prevent erosion, and act as a dependable groundcover.

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