Blue Hydrangea Shrub

Blue Hydrangea Shrub

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Hardiness Zones 6–9. Tree Type. Mature Size. The blue hydrangea grows to a height of 3–6' and a spread of 3–6' at maturity.

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Blue Hydrangea Shrub 6-18 Inches When Shipped

Blue Hydrangea - Hydrangea Macrophylla


The Blue Hydrangea Shrub - Hydrangea macrophylla is a flowering shrub native to Japan but has adapted well to other locations around the world. Blue Hydrangea Shrub leaves are known to mature up to 6 inches in length and are serrated on the edges. The flowers come in a variety of colors and grow in clusters or bouquets. The colors of the flowers are affected by the PH in your soil.

It has successfully been grown and maintained in various climates and areas. The breed is rated as hardy by the USDA Cold Hardiness Zones four through nine.

Other names this flower might go by including Hortensia, French Hydrangea, Mophead Hydrangea or Bigleaf Hydrangea. Within the Latin name consists of the word Macrophylla which means it has long or large leaves. There are typically five petals on each flower, and the color ranges from red, orange, blue, purple or blue. You can expect these bundles of flowers to appear from early in the summer season to the early parts of the winter season. You can depend on their beauty to last throughout your fall season.

An acidic soil whose PH is below seven will usually produce flowers closer to blue, and in the case, the soils PH level is above seven will result in lighter colored flowers like pink. It is the aluminum ions in the soil that affect their coloration.

Typically landscapers place this bush behind flower beds or use them as borders. They are large and create bright colors which can be a nice offset for smaller perennial or annual plants. To ensure you get as much as flowering as possible try to avoid pruning the brush when you can.

The leaves have been used to create a beverage called Amacha in Japan. The leaves are said to be antiallergic and antimicrobial which assists with allergies and stomach ailments.

The Blue Hydrangea is also extremely popular for home decorators and crafters. The blooms can be cut in its bundle and dried. Blue Hydrangea dries thoroughly; they can be placed in baskets and vases to accent the inside of your home so they can still be enjoyed even when they aren't in bloom. Blue Hydrangea Shrub