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Decorating With Plants: Indoors and Outdoors

Decorate for the holidays with living plants and trees, and then plant them, instead of using artificial ones this year

Instead of chopping down and using dead or dying trees and shrubs to decorate for the holidays this year, why not nurture and plant living greenery? We’ve got an assortment of Christmas trees and plants for you. Each option can be purchased alone or in groups of 2,5, 25, or even 100 trees. You can also select your preferred height upon receipt up to 1-2’, 2-3’, and 3-4’ tall, for example.

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Christmas Trees

Pine trees

Many different trees work as Christmas trees, including the Pine tree (most often the Scotch Pine, Virginia Pine, or White Pine.) Commonly used in wreath and garland-making, these trees are known for their superior needle retention, significantly when adequately watered. Pine trees are fast-growing, providing shade earlier in their lives than many other trees. Planting a row of Pine trees together creates a beautiful wind, rain, or sun break for a house, too, and they are straightforward to care for in return.

Get your Pine trees here

Cedar Christmas Trees

Known as the Eastern Red Cedar, the Cedar Tree is native to a few southern states, including Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, and often makes its way into households as the annual Christmas tree there. Not only are they lovely with straight needles and feathery limbs, but they smell divine.

Get your Cedar trees here. You can also get a Red Cedar at Tn Nursery

Loblolly Pine Trees

Loblolly Pines are fast-growing, often gaining as many as 24 inches in a single year when grown in ideal conditions. Used in many products, including furniture, flooring, and more, the U.S. wood industry has classified it as southern yellow Pine.

The Loblolly attracts numerous birds and animals like the northern bobwhite, Carolina chickadee, brown-headed nuthatch, chipmunk, squirrel, etc. They’re attracted to the seeds of the Loblolly as well as the shelter the trees can provide.

Ponderosa Pine

Named by a botanist for its ponderous, dense wood, the Ponderosa Pine is a thick, sturdy tree, attractive to many birds and other wildlife for its protective nesting limbs. Its seeds are eaten by wild turkeys, grouse, and mice, while their twigs and bark are favorites of elk and porcupines.

Also known as Bull Pine or Blackjack Pine, Ponderosas are the second tallest Pine and can grow to over 200 feet tall. Its thick bark is resistant to wildfires and is the official state tree of Montana.

Spruce Pine

These grow into lovely soft-textured trees and prefer full sun and fertile, moist soil, but will also tolerate other types of land. Used in furniture and musical instruments such as guitars, the Spruce Pine is the Pine most often used as a Christmas tree. The Spruce Pine holds the current record of being the oldest tree in the world.

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Pitch Pine Tree

They were also known as a Torch Pine. Pitch Pine trees usually grow to between 40-70 feet tall. They’re used predominantly for pulpwood and lumber and are known to be fire-resistant. They’re green all year, make pine cones in groups of up to five, and make outstanding additions to nearly any lawn.

Get your Pitch Pine tree here.

Still want to browse the trees before making your final decision? Go ahead and browse your Christmas trees here.

Note: Though trees are known for cleaning the air, bringing them into the home may open up a whole new can of worms regarding indoor air quality -- particularly if you have allergies. Set up an air purifier in the same room with the tree to help guard against mold, pollen spores, etc., if the tree may release that.

Winterberry Bushes

The green leaves start to fall off these pretty plants as the nights get colder. That often leaves the barren branches and the red berries, and that’s it. But we found creative folks who used just that to make beautiful holiday decorations like this!

If you have a few snips of evergreen available, some classic vases like this could be lovely, too.

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American Wintergreen

There’s nothing prettier at Christmastime than an entirely green and red American Wintergreen plant like this. Some send them as gifts or “mini-Christmas trees” for the tabletop. You can also make a bold statement in the correct container with them.

Get your American Wintergreen plant here.

As you can see, there are countless ways to decorate Christmas with living plants and trees. How will you use yours this holiday season?

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Wintergreen Boxwood - TN Nursery

Wintergreen Boxwood

Wintergreen Boxwood is a popular choice for hedges and formal garden designs due to its dense, glossy green foliage and rounded growth habit. It is a small evergreen shrub. It is a popular evergreen shrub commonly used in landscaping for its outstanding attributes. This compact and versatile plant hails from the Buxaceae family and is native to Japan and Korea. Its name, 'Wintergreen,' is derived from its glossy, dark green leaves, which retain their vibrant color throughout the winter months, making it an attractive option for providing year-round interest in gardens and landscapes. The Classic Appeal of Wintergreen Boxwood Wintergreen Boxwood is an excellent option for landscapers who are looking for a medium-sized shrub. This plant consists of narrow, deep brown stems with a thick coating of small, green leaves. It can grow up to around three feet in height and five feet in width. This plant's dense hedges and elegant appearance allow it to work well in any area where you want a traditional shrub. Attractive Leaves of the Wintergreen Boxwood The main appeal of this plant is its extensive greenery. The entire shrub contains small, oval-shaped leaves that grow every inch or two along the plant's stems. The leaves have a smooth appearance with minimal veining and a very regular shape. They're a deep green color that is one shade darker than emerald green. This thick mass of green leaves gives the shrub a very even appearance that makes it a lovely backdrop for other items in your landscape. It has an understated elegance that can complement any location. Wintergreen Boxwood Versatile Uses and Exciting Shaping Opportunities It is a favorite of gardeners because it is happy to take on whatever shape you might desire. Many people like to trim this shrub into tidy cubes or orbs that line their fences, sidewalks, and walls. Some gardeners also enjoy pruning it into cones or other decorative shapes to create an eye-catching focal point on the landscape. If you prefer to leave it natural, it creates dense, oval shrubs that are a nice filler for tree borders or larger flowerbeds. Lush Color All Year Round With Wintergreen Boxwood As you might be able to tell from the name of this shrub, one of its main characteristics is its ability to stay green throughout the winter. As an evergreen, this shrub continues to look bright and beautiful no matter the time of year. It doesn't change colors in fall, and its leaves won't fall off in the winter. Instead, it provides a touch of brilliant green to your landscape during every season. This cheerful burst of greenery can keep your garden looking lively during the entire year.

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