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Moss Best Sellers: Moss is easy to plant and easier to get to grow without maintenance

1. Fan Clubmoss

2. Sheet Moss

3. Peat Moss

4. Haircap Moss

5. Shade Fern Moss


The earth is full of toxins. Mosses are bio indicators that clean toxins from the environment, making them a perfect plant for the home or office.


 Masses of toxins continue to build up in our air, water and soil. Mosses are an easy way to clean up the earth, so why not start today by equipping your home with some of these green beauties?


 Moss is a great way to cultivate a toxin-free environment at home


The moss can be placed in any and every area of your indoor space — kitchen, living room, bedroom — creating a safer place for all those who live there to enjoy.


 Moss is a plant that thrives in shade and moisture, which can be scarce in many areas.


There are many reasons surrounding the lack of moss, from it growing too slowly in conditions where it's not appropriate to its invasive nature.


Moss is a landscaping option that requires little to no care and is hard to kill. It's perfect for locations where water and light are scarce, or areas of low fertility like rock gardens or rain gardens.


Create a moss garden with moss pots, moss kits, and moss seed kits. These items make the care of your moss easy and inexpensive!



Moss is the easy-to-care-for plant that thrives in shade and moisture. It's a great bioindicator and cleans toxins from the environment indoors, as well as outside. You're free to grow it anywhere you want!


Businesses cannot find the right shade of green to help them add color and style to their brand.


Have you ever been frustrated when you're searching for a spooky, yet tasteful shade of green? It's so hard to find the right look and perfect blend of foliage. There's just not enough time for sleuthing and trial-and-error.


 Moss is the natural way to add life, color, and style! Moss grows out of any surface from rocks, branches, or bark. Moss will thrive in shaded areas with moist soil and is a bio indicator that cleans toxins from your environment. No more worrying about finding a shade that will fit your specific area and location.


Moss is a super low maintenance plant that grows best in shade, but it's difficult to find plants that thrive with today's warmer temperatures but moss will. 


Moss is a great accent plant known for it's air cleaning benefits. 



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