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Wool Grass - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Wool Grass Plant are found in wet habitats such as marshes, ditches, streams, and ponds

Wool grass plant is famous for its restoration and buffer action system.

Scirpus cyperinus is commonly known as wool grass plant. These are the native plants of the United States and belong to the family of Cyperaceae. It has other common names like cotton grass bulrush, brown wooly sedge, and teddy bear paws. These aquatic plants are found in wet habitats such as marshes, ditches, streams, and ponds. 

Cotton grass bulrush is an herbaceous and clump-forming perennial densely tufted plant with a size of 3 - 6 feet height at maturity. They have fibrous, short, and rhizomatous root systems, which helps in forming large colonies. Sterile shoots are on the lower side, while fertile shoots are on the upper side. The fertile shoots are strouted, unbranched, three angled, and longitudinal. 

Wool Grass are very easy to grow and maintenance-free

In Scirpus cyperinus plants, 5 to 9 leaves grow on the lower half of the culm, and venation is parallel. They are shiny, medium green, furrowed, longitudinal, 8 - 32 inches long, and 3 - 10 mm wide. The leaf sheaths are green to reddish-brown. The color of the foliage turns yellowish-brown during the fall season. The beautiful flowers are small, reddish-brown, or copper brown with 6 mm.

These plant species bloom from August to October. They prefer full to partial sun to progress and tolerate total sun exposure.

They nourish in moist to wet soils, mucky, peats, and shallower soil and tolerate drought soil conditions. The plant thrives in damp soils or lands with standing water. Neutral, slightly acidic to alkaline soils are preferable, with a pH range of 6.8 - 7.2. These herbaceous perennials are very easy to grow and maintenance-free.

These plants also form a buffer against wave and wind action, which helps them tolerate unfavorable conditions and grow well. It is best to plant them in water gardens and rain gardens because they can control soil erosion and help in restoring systems.

Wool grass plant has densely bunched seeds that look like tuft and is brown in the late Summers. Planting or sowing the seeds in the favorable soil is enough as it will grow naturally on its own. The fruits are brown and copper and grow between August to October. However, early Spring is the best time for pruning the plant, while the harvesting time is fall.

Height at maturity: 3 – 6 feet

Zone: 4 – 9 

Sun exposure: Full to part sun

Ship as: Bareroot

It is an excellent choice to buy Wool Grass Plant because the bright yellow-green appearance makes any dull place beautiful. These colors also attract birds and butterflies, which help in pollination. That is the best ornamental plant for your landscape design which you can plant at a distance of 12 inches.  

These plants are free from all types of diseases and pests. When planted near water bodies like lakes and ponds, these plants create a natural look. It can also be planted to neutralize the soil for the better growth of other plants. 

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    Wool Grass Plants

    Posted by Jamie Morris on Aug 27, 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

  • 5
    Wool Grass Plants

    Posted by Madison Canno on Aug 22, 2019

    looks great planted with the wildflowers

  • 5
    Wool Grass Plants

    Posted by Wendy Nolan on Aug 22, 2019

    this looks great with the other wildflowers

  • 5
    Pretty Plant

    Posted by Jessie Biel on Nov 21, 2016

    This plant is a better plant than I expected. It is a lovely shade of green and has a small hint of brown that stands tall. IT brings color to any area.


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