Wool Grass

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Latin Name-Scirpus Cyperinus Hardy Zone- 4-8 Mature Height-6ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Wool Grass- Scirpus cyperinus

Wool grass has 5 to 9 alternating green leaves that grow up the stalk of the plant. At the top is a cluster of spikelets covered by reddish-brown curly bristles that give the grass a woolly appearance. It keeps this fuzzy appearance through the growing season. In the fall the plant turns golden brown. It grows in hardiness zones 4-9. The plant is versatile and can withstand dry spells and standing water. It prefers full sun and moist or wet soil. It is a great plant for a water garden, or to help stop erosion.

Wool grass gets its name because of the way it has a striking resemblance, to downy in light of the idea that it has long, thin stems with battered, fluffy blooms that are all that much indistinguishable to wool. Wool grass can stay green and has shading enduring during that time until considerable ice hits it.Wool grass, a typical plant in most areas around the world, has many different breeds. One is a creeping type of plant that creates a mat-like surface on the ground. While some gardeners might consider it a weed, a lot of others specifically search for it as an addition to their gardens. Its aesthetically pleasing carpet-like construction makes it useful for practical purposes, such as natural insulation or padding in a rocky area. Other breeds are more vertical and unbranded. These usually bloom in the summer with the help of warm winds and keep their foliage all season long. Their blooms are very intricate, with light colored nodes covered in hairs. Many gardeners enjoy the way the delicate hairs catch the sunlight. They are known for having lots of blooms and multiply well thanks to cross-pollination. Though many consider this soft plant a weed, they make great additions to gardens; they may not be as flashy as some flowers, but when a gentle touch is needed, with just a tint of color to rest the eyes on, the wood grass is your plant! They are also relatively self-sufficient, and once settled, require little to keep them going.


 Wool Grass 





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