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Wood Stump Planters

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Wooden Stump Planters

Wood Stump Planters can be a beautiful addition to any home, garden or landscape. They are a distinctive decoration that will make a front yard unique in the neighborhood or add a touch of charm to the backyard decor. Besides being appealing to the eye, these stump planters give the homeowner many advantages such as protecting plants and flowers, being easy to use and move around, and offering strength and durability.

By keeping the roots of plants more cooling on hot, summer days, wooden stump planters can protect a homeowner's choice of summer flowers or plants from the scorching sun in the warmest months. Also, these planters can insulate plants from cold winters as well, keeping roots from freezing. As a result, these wooden stump planters can save gardener money by providing a great home to plants and flowers. Wooden stump planters can help drain excess water away as well as hold needed water close to the plant's roots. That can result in significant time savings for homeowners by reducing watering chores each day. Time can then 800be spent on other gardening activities.

Wood Stump Planters look just like real stumps that might be naturally part of any landscape while at the same time being resistant to fading. Unlike homemade stump planters, these are lightweight and very strong, making them easy to move around the yard. Planters are manufactured using a unique technology to achieve the look of an authentic tree stump without the weight and other issues associated with real wood. These weather-resistant planters do not rot and can be attractive and a conversation-starter for visiting guests. Today, when many people are seeking to return to nature, and much focus is placed on creating a natural-looking landscape, these wooden stump planters are an excellent addition to any home or yard.

Vines or perennials both work well in stump pots.

Wood Stump Planters