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The result from composting is referred to as humus.

While there are many organic items that you can add to the compost bin to be successful in achieving the end product, there are several others that you should never use, many for obvious reasons.

Keep in mind that your compost bin is not another way to dispose of all of your garbage. The reason that certain things are added, and certain things are not many, from containing toxic materials to having the ability to change the alkaline or acidity levels of your hummus.

Don't add any ashes from charcoal or any burnt wood, for that matter. You never can be sure with burned wood that the wood is untreated with chemicals. Also, ashes can change the alkaline levels in your compost bin, which you do not want to do.

Be aware of the type of manure you add if this is an item that you regularly add. For example, you only want to use manure from chickens, rabbits, cows, etc. Never use dog, cat, or birds droppings as these can contain things that can be highly harmful and contagious. It's also a good idea never to include any meat, greasy, oily foods, or fish products. These tend to cause your compost bin to smell and attract pests and unwanted wildlife to your garden area. Do not add any dairy products such as cheese, etc. These will also attract animals, and you do not want some animals visiting your compost bin. Whenever adding any food products or kitchen scraps to the compost bin, always cover it with a good layer of chopped leaves and other yard wastes to ensure that you don't end up with unwanted pests. As you can see, composting is something that you need to be vigilant about to end up with the hummus that can fertilize your organic garden.

Source of Information on What Not to Compost