Water Tupelo Live Stakes

Water Tupelo Live Stakes

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Water Tupelo Tree- Nyssa sylvatica Live Stakes

The base of the Water Tupelo Tree flares out and the trunk tapers up till it reaches the crown. The bark is dark brown or dark grey and has small fissures to create a diamond pattern. The reddish-brown stout twigs branch up from the trunk in twisting interesting patterns. The leaves of the tree are a dark green that changes to yellow, red, or orange in the fall. The leaves are broad, measuring up to 8 inches across, and taper to a point. The flowers are small and green clusters that start in early spring and last throughout summer. The fruit of the tree forms in late September as an inch long purple ball. The tree grows up to 80 feet tall at a rate of 12 to 24 inches per year. 

The Water Tupelo Tree makes a good ornamental addition to your landscapes. It is a good shade tree if given enough room to spread out. The tree reestablishes itself well and is a good choice for erosion control in burned or abandoned fields. Bears Foxes, Ducks, and a variety of songbirds eat the fruit of the tree. It also provides nesting material for songbirds. Deers and beavers eat the young branches of the tree. The light sturdy wood of the tree is good for woodcarving, and other timber needs. 

The Water Tupelo tree grows in hardiness zones 6 to 8. It prefers acidic well-drained soil. Naturally found around swamps and wetlands in the southern United States, it can grow in standing water, but can also withstand small drought. The tree can grow in full or partial shade. It is a hardy species and does not require much upkeep. It only requires you to prune away any dead or damaged branches. The tree does not have any major parasite or diseases issues.

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