Trees Bring Fondest Memories

Trees Bring Fondest Memories

Posted by Tammy Sons on Sep 28 , 2014

Many people after choosing what trees they want to be on their property and allowing it to reach maturity give them much thought. 

Sure one might notice how the snow is laying on the limbs of your Eastern Red Cedar or the excellent color that can be added to your landscape in the spring when your Purple Crepe Myrtle is in full bloom.

However, have you thought about the role that sometimes the trees in your yard play in the life of your child and your family.

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So many people's childhood memories are full events that can be centered around the trees located on their property. Some of my fondest memories are playing in the woods behind my house and using them for the ultimate jungle gym. Then there was collecting leaves for a school project with my grandfather and him telling me which blade was which. I remember fondly picking cherries with my grandmother before the birds ate them all. Or the disappointment that ran through the entire family when a winter ice storm damaged the tree to the point of having to be cut down.

This is the case for so many other people, and it is essential that we continue this tradition. We already know that so many children fill their time with video games and inside play. It is high time that we get them back outside and enjoying the nature that surrounds them. If one has a large tree like a Chestnut Oak or a Poplar Tree and you are handy a tree house is the ultimate fort and hiding spot for children of all ages. Even if one is not handy there, are plenty of businesses out there nowadays that will come and complete your tree house project from start to finish. Even small gestures like an old timely tire swing hanging from the branches of your Silver Maple tree or allowing your children to jump and play in the piles of autumn leaves can leave lasting impressions on the mind of your child.

There is a ton of other ideas and ways to use trees and other elements of nature and make them a part of the memories of your family, but even doing simple things can add up to big memories.

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