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TN Nursery Growers

TN Nursery Growers

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

The great plant and tree nursery has been around for a very long time serving its customers.

It was founded in 1946 by Roscoe Tate. He first founded Mountain Ornamental Nursery. Roscoe was the first generation of tree farmers. Roscoe resided 28 miles from McMinnville; this was the Nursery Capital of the World. This was the foundation that TN nursery was started from and makes it one of the best and top of the line nurseries as we know it today. This tree farm has been handed down through the years and is now running and operated by the fourth generation. This is amazing, and you will not find this stability from any other tree farm or nursery. You will not find any other nursery or garden center with this strong of dedication to producing healthy, top of the line trees and plants. 

This strong dedication has helped TN Nursery grow to be one of the largest tree and plant nurseries in the Southeastern United States. 

This nursery has been family owned and operated for 66 years and has built a very strong reputation for being the best at growing healthy plants and trees. TN Nursery has 66 years of experience and fantastic state credentials; you will always find them honest and hard working because they know what it takes to have a state of the art plant and tree nursery. With a great nursery like TN Nursery, you are guaranteed that they will be here to stay and will always provide the best quality of trees and plants with 66 years of experience and knowledge behind them. TN Nursery is just as dedicated today as Roscoe was 66 years ago and are making sure that their reputation will remain great and that this nursery will remain to be at the top of the lists of plant and tree nurseries. You will not be able to find a nursery with this much knowledge and dedication anywhere.

Source to Buy from one of the Largest Tree and Plant Nurseries in the Southeast U.S.