Spleenwort Fern

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Spleenwort Fern

The Spleenwort Fern would make an excellent addition to any office or house. This particular fern is native to North America the area east of the Rocky Mountains and South Africa. The plant gets its name from the coloring of its stems and leaf axis, and it grows in the spring. The Spleenwort Fern is also used as a garden plant. Also, the plants grow well in a variety of soil types: sandy peat, subacid garden soil, gritty soil, potting mix (with moist to dry conditions).The Spleenwort Fern is easy to maintain once it reaches it maximum growing height. The small plants are known for its inability to attract insects and do not cause major diseases. The evergreen plant is known to grow on rocky wooded ledges, rocky slopes, mossy banks, and wooded areas. If planters want to add a plant to a unique shape then the Splendidly Fern is your plant, the plant is also famous for its irregular or sprawling shape.

Characteristics of Spleenwort Fern
Spleenwort Fern resembles most green leafy fern fronds of other ferns closely. However, this fern has a distinctly darker, purplish and black colored stem that the green leaves grow from. It is not a very large fern, so it makes a beautiful adornment fern to any garden. It may also provide some coverage around the base of a home or building.

Hardy Planting Zones for the Spleenwort Fern
The Spleenwort Fern grows the best in the hardy planting zones of three to seven. It thrives the most in partial sunlight or in full shady areas. The soil the Spleenwort Fern requires is moist soil, but not flooded soil. It thrives well in wetlands or forest terrain. In nature, the fern is found most in the southern regions of North America.

Height at Maturity
The height of the Spleenwort Fern is six inches to a foot tall. Typically the fern has a width of six inches to a foot. Once the fern reaches full height, it releases spores into the wind to reproduce.
Scientific Name: Splendour Platyneuron

USDA Climate: Three to Eight

Tree Height: 6 inches to 1 foot 3 inches

Tree Spread:10 inches to 1 foot 3 inches

Soil Type: Acceptable to a variety of soil type-soil must be well drained.

Sun Type: Partial Sun (low to high), the plant will grow in full shade as well.

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