Texas Sedge - Package of 25 Plants



March April



Texas Sedge - Package of 25 Plants

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Texas Sedge - Package of 25 Plants



March April


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Texas Sedge (Carex texensis)

Texas Sedge: Carex texensis, or Texas Sedge, is a highly attractive, perennial, ornamental plant in the sedge family (Carex). It is a cool-season species native to the south-central and southeastern United States, taking its name from its widespread use across the Texas plains.

It will grow best in the moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones in soil that receives some moisture but still drains quickly and thoroughly. Although many TN Nursery customers plant it successfully on a water garden's high, partially sunny bank, it does not like constantly wet roots.

This plant is drought-resistant; heat-resistant; deer-resistant, and cold-resistant.

How to Use Texas Sedge in the Garden

Choose a planting location with a good mix of sun and shade or full morning sun with afternoon shade. Soil should be fertile; this sedge grass loves organic content like shredded leaves or a scoop of mulch. Once the roots strengthen, Texas sedge requires little to no care except occasional water or trimming.

Because it prefers the cooler seasons across the south, it lends much-needed color to the landscape in the spring, fall, and early winter, long after other plants go dormant.

TN Nursery customers use Carex texensis in these beautiful garden settings:

  • Pond, water garden, or near a water feature
  • Rock garden
  • Urban garden
  • Native species garden
  • Drought-tolerant garden (xeriscaping)
  • Mass plantings around a mailbox or home's foundation
  • Garden border (usually in a middle row)

Texas Sedge Grass Is the Picture of Simplicity

Texas sedge is lovely to behold. The leaves are pure green, smooth, somewhat shiny, and reach upward before folding under their weight. The leaves can reach a height between nine and twelve inches tall with a spread of about one foot.

Their size is perfect--generous enough to have excellent visibility but small enough to be manageable.

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Gayle Juraschek
Texas Sedge `

We ordered 500 plants and only received 330

Chad Besser
Texas Sedge

Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

Eddie Hall
Texas Sedge

This looks great.

Opal Fredericks
Texas Sedge

this stuff is great