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6 Pack - Cherokee Sedge

6 Pack - Cherokee Sedge

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Under 3 Feet


Sun And Shade

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Cherokee Sedge (Carex chemokinesis)

Cherokee sedge (Carex chemokinesis) is a versatile and attractive ornamental grass that brings many beneficial attributes to landscaping projects. With its charming appearance, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements, this native grass species has become popular among landscape designers and gardeners.

One of the key attributes of this sedge is its aesthetics. The plant features fine-textured, arching foliage that forms dense clumps, resembling a graceful fountain. Its slender, deep green leaves offer a striking contrast to other plants in the landscape, creating a beautiful visual impact. Additionally, it produces inconspicuous, light brown seed heads that sway gently in the breeze, adding a sense of movement and life to the garden.

Beyond its aesthetics, this ornamental grass is celebrated for its adaptability. This plant is native to the southeastern United States, making it well-suited to that region's climate and soil conditions.

However, it is not limited to this area and has shown an ability to thrive in various environments. It can tolerate multiple soil types, including sandy or clay soils, and grow in sunny and partially shaded areas, making it a valuable addition to diverse landscape settings.

Another valuable attribute of this sedge is its low maintenance requirements. Once established, this grass is relatively self-sufficient, requiring little attention from gardeners. It is drought-tolerant and has moderate water needs, making it ideal for water-wise landscapes and xeriscaping projects. Additionally, it has a natural resistance to pests and diseases, reducing the need for interventions.

Beyond its attributes, this plant also plays an essential role in supporting biodiversity and ecological health in landscaping. As a native plant species, it provides food and habitat for local wildlife, including insects, birds, and small mammals. This plant can help create a more balanced ecosystem and contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the landscape.

In landscaping design, the Cherokee sedge is highly versatile and can be used in various ways to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. It works well as a groundcover, particularly in naturalistic or informal garden styles, where it can create flowing masses of greenery. The grass's arching form also makes it an excellent choice for border plantings, edging pathways, or lining the banks of water features.

This plant complements many plants, including perennials, shrubs, and trees, making it an excellent choice for mixed plantings and layered landscapes. Its presence can add texture and contrast to flower beds and provide a backdrop for other more colorful or showy plants.

Cherokee Sedge Is a Self-Sufficient Plant

In conclusion, the Cherokee sedge is a fantastic addition to any landscaping project, offering a combination of aesthetic appeal, adaptability, low maintenance, and ecological benefits. Whether used as a groundcover, border plant, or companion to other plants, this native grass species brings natural beauty and functional value to the landscape. With its numerous attributes and versatility, it continues to be a favorite choice among landscape designers and garden enthusiasts.

Cherokee Sedge Is a Lovely Ornamental Grass


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Susan Clark
Very handsome sedge

Great plants in excellent condition. They are thriving.

Tammie Harburger
Cherokee Sedge

The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

Rhonda Watts
Cherokee Sedge

this has an amazing look love it

Mattie Wooten
Cherokee Sedge

This stuff looks great.

Reagean Liederman
Nice Plants

Love my plants. Love them very much.