NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Suitable plants can transform a rock garden and make it more picturesque.

There is a wide variety of plants, grasses, shrubs and sedges that can be grown in rocky terrain. If you choose the plants wisely they will blend in well with the landscape.

The most ideal plants for rock gardens are clump- forming plants or the ones that spread. Ornamental grasses can also add a lot of texture and movement to the entire garden. Perennial plants are quite popular in rock gardens however; you can even grow some great annuals.

Some of the plants that thrive well in rock gardens are—

Blue Fescue—Blue fescue is an ornamental grass that has bluish green long and narrow leaves. It is a dense, tuft- forming grass that is great for edging. Blue fescue is perennial in nature and can grow up to a height of 3-4 feet.

Aubretia—Aubretia is a hardy plant that produces beautiful purple colored flowers during spring season. They cover the area in a striking purple carpet of flowers. You can grow them on slopes or banks.

Groundcover Sedum—Groundcovers are a great choice for rock gardens as they grow and cover the area densely. Groundcover sedum is a creeping plant that produces tiny pink to white colored flowers during summer season. They should be planted in a well- drained area where there is ample sunlight.

Irish Moss—Irish moss is bright green in color and produces tiny white flowers. Their striking resemblance to moss makes people think that it is actually moss. This plant has the ability to grow in the narrowest of cracks and crevices which makes it ideal for planting between stepping stones, cracks and pathways.

Rock Jasmine—Rock Jasmine is a low growing alpine plant that is good for rock gardens. It produces tiny pinkish white colored flowers that are so dense that they sometimes cover the foliage. It can be planted in crevices between stones, rock clefts and even rock walls.

Creeping Broom—Creeping broom is a low growing groundcover that produces tiny yellow colored flowers when in bloom. It is easy to maintain and can grow only up to a height of one feet. It is an excellent groundcover for sunny spots in your rock garden.

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