Ornamental Grass

Ornamental Grasses are excellent for a Native Type Low Maintenance Beauty

Ornamental Grasses are an excellent way to fill out and beautify your landscape or use restoration plantings to restore an eroded habitat to its natural state. They're easy to maintain, provide rainfall-runoff protection, and become a natural habitat for local wildlife. 

1. Wild Rye Grass

2. Carex Pennsylvania

3. Switch Grass

4. Smooth Cord Grass

5. Indian Grass


Ornamental Grasses by Bloom Season

Most things that reseed do bloom. Some ornamental grasses bloom, and others reseed and make a thicker, more plush grass stand in landscaping.

Spring Blooming Ornamental Grasses

Most of our grasses, like most plants, bloom in the spring. When fully grown, most of these native summer grasses can stretch into lush green prairies or "seas of grass" that we often see gracefully rolling across the surrounding landscape. Our summer sedge grasses include Carex Appalachia (Appalachian Sedge), Carex Pennsylvanica (Pennsylvania Sedge), Broome Sedge, Cherokee Sedge, Texas Sedge, Three Square Sedge, Palm Sedge, Tussock Sedge, and Mountain Sedge.

Summer Blooming Ornamental Grasses

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