Orchard Grass

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Latin Name-Orchard Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height-1-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Orchard grass

When you see orchard grass, it reminds you or large pasture grazing areas for beautiful animals like deer, horses, and cattle. This grass is perfect for grazing because it can withstand the trampling of massive animals. It is also rich in nutrients which make for a healthy animal diet. This durable grass can withstand as a pasture grass for years.The orchard grass is very durable. It multiplies in cold seasons and can withstand shade and droughts. If you are a farmer or have a large lot of land with animals, then it should be on your plot. The long, durable grass is a staple for anyone looking to round out their plot of land with a proven, tried and real grass to feed grazing animals or provide extra shade and privacy where it's needed. The green grass blooms with a light purple top and blooms in early summer. This grass originated in Europe and would be found in the ancient lands of many of the people who first emigrated to America. This durable grass would have been in the farms that fed the European people centuries ago. This grass began to appear in North America in the late 18th century. The familiarity of this grass will remind you and your family of ancestral lands of hundreds ago.Orchard grass gives a very natural look to any area. It will grow to be 1 to 3 feet tall. I will grow well in various soil conditions.   It will also attract birds for the nature lovers.   Please contact our TN Nursery staff if you have any questions about this grass. 


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