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Moss - Bryophyta is a green, flowerless plant that typically grows in clumps throughout damp and shady areas. The plants are non-vascular and only grow to be a few centimeters tall. Instead of roots, they have rhizoids that secure the plant to the ground. They absorb water through simple-structured leaves. Moss is a shade loving evergreen lush species that is more than ten thousand years old.

Mosses are an attractive and versatile addition to any shade garden

These tiny, flowerless, drought tolerant plants, also known as bryophytes, typically grow well where other plants won't and can be used in an array of landscaping projects from borders to full lawn replacement for an unexpectedly beautiful result. Most bryophytes range from one-tenth of an inch to four inches in height, growing in dense clumps or mats. Though they are often thought to be found only in damp, shady corners of the forest, the thousands of species of mosses found across the world have the broadest range of light exposure among land plants.

All Kinds Of Mosses To Accent Any Type Garden

Bryophytes can be found thriving in the scorching desert sun or the darkest crevice in a cave. Areas with compacted soil, inadequate drainage or little sunlight are ideal places to introduce bryophytes to the garden landscape. Because it requires significantly less sun and water than grass, moss can be used to create a lovely no-mow carpet in shady spots.Mixing different species will bring a variety of textures and colors seasonally. Growing readily on rock, brick, and cement, moss is perfect for filling in spaces between stone pavers or tiles along a walkway or patio. It’s also an attractive way to fill cracks in concrete.

Add moss to rock gardens for the splash of green.

Moss can also spread to cover garden walls for a softening effect. Top selling is the cushion moss, fern moss, rock cap moss, carpet moss, sheet moss, topiary mosses, and hair cap moss.Planting bryophytes in a garden also have surprising environmental benefits. Moss is an excellent alternative to mulch, helping the soil retain moisture, naturally filtering rainwater and providing nutrients for neighboring plants without getting compacted or needing replacement. When planted as a ground cover on hills or slopes, moss aids in erosion prevention, holding the soil beneath in place. Bryophytes also help reduce air pollution by filtering carbon dioxide and other contaminants from the air.

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