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Moss is a beautiful landscaping plant. It looks lush and green, is easy to grow and easy to maintain and pairs well with any plant that likes the same conditions. So ‘where can I find live moss for sale near me?’ I hear you ask — no matter where you live in the US, you can find a fantastic deal on this  evergreen beauty in our online store.

Moss Is super easy to plant. Simply scratch the soil's surface and lay pads down

Sheet moss is a popular choice, which you just lay down to cover the space you want to beautify. Our smallest packs of sheet moss cover five square feet. As with our sheet moss, each pack of moss-covered rocks fills a five-square-foot area.

If you’ve never grown mosses before, it's a very easy process, simply scratch the surface of the soil and lay down the pads and water and that's about it. you can also put tooth picks in the moss so you don’t need to worry about whether or not your moss will stay where you want it. Choose your location and layout your rocks. It’s that easy!

Moss comes in some varieties that also works very well in areas of sun.

Many people don’t realize that moss can grow in sunny locations just as well as it does in the shade. If you’d love to grow some moss in a bright spot in your garden, then check out our range of sun-loving moss. And why not pair it with some sun-loving ferns.

Moss for your zone depends on the climate and environment

Have you found yourself asking ‘where I can buy live moss for my zone?’ when searching for the perfect moss for your garden? Well, it doesn’t matter which zone you garden in if your garden is located in the US, we have a variety of moss that will thrive in your USDA hardiness zone. Find live moss for your area here:

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Are you building a gorgeous little terrarium? Moss is a fantastic addition to almost any terrarium, and we’ve got two items you’re going to love if a terrarium is on your to-do list.

If you’ve got your terrarium all planned out and you need to buy live moss, then our terrarium moss is precisely what you need. If you’re not yet sure what you want to plant in your terrarium, buy our terrarium kit now and pick out some cute little animals or other figurines while you await delivery.

Terrariums look great in any home or office. They’re also a fantastic present for kids and as school science projects. Be aware though; if there’s more than one child in your life, they’ll all want their terrarium so make sure you buy one for each child now.

How Mosses Enhance a Landscape
When you think of moss, you may think of the hot, humid south and the incredible displays of velvety emerald which grow profusely there. The truth is that this versatile, vibrant plant (one of the oldest on earth, in fact!) is native to all parts of the world. It not only creates a magical atmosphere in its natural habitats, but it can also be used to beautify your landscaping.

Mosses enhance a landscape in a variety of ways. Your choice of species and placement will depend upon your location and what you want to accomplish. For example, if you have a stubborn old dead stump in your yard, why not turn it into a point of visual interest? This type of wood is very hospitable to moss and is a simple way to make it look like your stump is an intentional garden element.

Does your yard boast an impressive tree which needs that special touch to bring the ground around it to the next level? Sheet mosses enhance landscaping in a big way when serving as a lush, mystical bed beneath your shade tree. Imagine your guests' delight as they sit outdoors with you, surrounded by the charming mystique of your moss garden.

Large rocks and boulders also serve as attractive hosts for a covering of verdant texture. As long as there are enough moisture and shade, moss also makes a fascinating and rich filler between walkway or patio pavers.

Of course, one of the best ways to use mosses to enhance a landscape is right among your other plants and flowers. Ferns and rhododendrons grow happily with this humble plant, and it's also a great way to enrich the look of a Japanese garden. The possibilities are virtually endless - engage your imagination as you visualize your yard, and get started!

Terrarium Mosses-Bryophyta

Terrariums are an aesthetically pleasing way to display your plants, and nothing brings a terrarium together like Terrarium Moss. This soft, green plant, known for thriving in damp, dark climates, is the ideal addition to a beautiful terrarium, no matter the size. This plant is soft to the touch and will provide a nice, grassy pop of color to whatever room you decide to put it in. Not only is this moss available in tons of shades of green, ranging from deep and rich to brilliant and vibrant, but it is one of the easiest terrarium plants to take care of. Simply spritz your terrarium moss with a spray bottle every two to four weeks, and that's all you have to do to ensure that your terrarium moss is healthy and happy!
Moss is a survivalist plant, as it has the ability to rejuvenate itself when confronted with less than ideal conditions. For example, if you accidentally forget to water your moss, it will go into a dormant state until hydrated. While hydration is extremely important, it's also crucial to remember that moss likes to be misted, not soaked. Drenching your moss can be very harmful do to the fact that moss has no roots to soak up that extra moisture. Again, a couple of squirts from a misting spray bottle is ideal.
Another perk of terrarium moss is that it does excellent in poor soil conditions, so there's no need to purchase expensive, high-quality soil for your terrarium moss. Additionally, you won't have to worry about finding it the perfect, sunny spot, as moss actually does better in darker, indirect light. This low-maintenance beauty is sure to add that wow factor to your terrarium and is perfect for those just getting the hang of their green thumb or with busy schedules.

The Advantages of Planting Mosses

Mosses play an important role in the ecosystem, and that is reflected by the role they play in the garden. Adding moss to a garden will create a carpet that will act as a nutrient-rich barrier to soil erosion, help prevent excess water from being lost during dry periods, and keep seeds from nearby plants and trees from being washed away while also providing them with the perfect conditions and food to optimize growth.

In addition to conserving water and helping to prevent erosion, other advantages of growing mosses include filtering rainwater, sequestering carbon, and cleaning up oils, detergents, and dyes.

Moss gardening helps make a landscape sustainable and eco-friendly, helping to eliminate the need for poisons and chemicals to control pests or fertilize plants, instead of taking care of those tasks naturally. Fertilizers that release nitrogen into the soil could actually end up being harmful to the delicate balance of a moss garden's ecosystem, interfering with the moss's natural ability to consume tiny dust particles.

Moss gardens encourage the presence of beneficial insects as well as salamanders and frogs, which helps to keep other unwanted pests under control, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical pesticides.

Another advantage of planting mosses is that they can help reduce air pollution. Every part of a yard that is covered with moss instead of grass is a part that doesn't have to be mowed, cutting down on the harmful gases and fumes released by gasoline-powered lawnmowers and weed eaters.

Mosses can also help with water conservation. Although they do need to be watered regularly, a rainwater collection system coupled with a misting irrigation system should be enough for most moss varieties to thrive in the home garden.

All of these advantages and more make moss gardening a relaxing, rewarding, and responsible way to go green and transform a home garden into a self-contained, sustainable ecosystem.

Moss Collection
There are a number of plants you can purchase. One of the most common types of plants you can purchase is moss. With moss, you are getting a unique form of plant that can help enhance places such as your garden. You can also use mosses to decorate certain parts of your home as well. Fortunately, consumers can get a variety of different type of mosses. With the many different types of mosses, they will have something to ensure that their plant's collection is diverse and of good quality.

When looking to get the many types of mosses, you will first want to determine its uses. Fortunately, there are some good uses for this kind of plant. The uses for this plant include decoration, adding variety, and also contributing to a collection of plant life for your home. The first use of this plant is decoration. With this plant, you can use it to enhance the appearance of your garden and therefore help it stand out. Another good use is adding variety. There are a number of different types of plants you can use. However, using this plant will add yet another quality plant to your garden and household. Lastly, this plant will enable you to put together a more vast collection of plants wherever you keep them.

In order to grow this plant, you will usually need to do so like any other plant. The first thing you will need to do is get the seed and put it into the soil. Then you will need to put in plant food into the soil as well. After this step, you will need to water the soil and leave it in some sunlight. By doing these things, you will have this plant grow quickly.

Since this plant is among the more common kinds out there, you can put them just about anywhere. You can put this plant in gardens, in homes and also in offices. You will simply need to plant this in the garden of your front and backyard. Keeping this plant in pots is also an option. People will simply grow it in a pot and store it on tables and counters in various indoor settings.

Moss Collection - How Moss Improves Shade Gardens -- Bryophyta

Moss naturally grows in moist, shaded areas. This is why many lawn kinds of grass, which require full sun and well-draining soils, often fail where moss succeeds. If you've ever considered surrendering a lawn to moss, then consider a shade garden as your best alternative. A shade garden transforms a section of failing lawn into a horticultural achievement. Moss won't necessarily dominate this feature, but it will provide a subtle green accent to a well-planned garden. Typical shade gardens include creeping groundcovers and large-leaved hostas and other shade plants. Placing moss in a garden adds a unique element. Some moss gardeners have found that they can sculpt hills and valleys from clay soil and grow moss directly on these sculpted features. This results in a green, rolling appearance. Some liken it to a lush miniature golf course. Other gardeners create storybook styled gardens with moss growing on rock outcroppings or old monuments and lawn statues.

This type of reclaimed style can be eery, or it can be quaint. Regardless of your taste preferences, moss can provide your shade garden with a distinctive look. Moss is also easy to care for and grow. The plant does well in the shade and enjoys moisture, but it isn't necessary to water it during the day. A quick douse of water in the evening is enough to keep your moss vibrant. Additionally, moss can combat weeds and provide your shade garden with a natural atmosphere. If you have a garden with varying elements, for instance, some creeping vines or large-leaved plants and ferns, moss ties the elements together. When cultivated in the available areas between various plants, moss provides a smooth transition for the eye as it wanders from garden element to garden element. Moss can withstand human traffic, which is good news for those who like to garden barefoot.

Mosses In A Garden (Live Garden Moss Collection)
Moses in a garden can provide an elegant look while producing a natural environment for your plant or flowers. One of the best ready-to-use mosses available on the market today is the Live Garden Moss Collection. Cover as many square feet as you would like with this exceptional product that makes trails look natural, and gardens look vibrant. Mosses typically grow in dense green mats or clumps and are a flowerless plant. They thrive in shady or damp locations and are made of simple leaves that are usually only one cell thick. Moss is attached to a stem that can be unbranched or branched; however, they play a limited role for nutrients and conducting water.

Mosses after fertilization develop sporophytes and do not have seeds. They have stalks that are unbranched and topped with spores contained in a single capsule. The Live Garden Moss Collection grows between 1 and 4 inches tall; however, some species are much taller. The tallest moss known in the world to grow up to 20 inches is the Dawsonia moss. There are many benefits of installing garden moss-like being highly absorbent, allowing the moss to retain more water when compared to other types of soils; therefore, making moss a great addition to your garden.

One of the many other benefits is the acidic PH features. Plants like camellias and blueberries need these acids in order to grow. If your garden doesn’t have any acid in it, garden moss is an essential element to add your garden soil. Moss is also a sterile medium, meaning it’s ideal for planting and growing all types of plants. Moss doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is suitable for plant growth. The Live Garden Moss Collection is available for immediate shipment to your house or place of business with a wide variety of size options.

Best Selling Mosses are Sheet Moss, Carpet Moss, Cushion Moss and Mood Moss

The Benefits of Using Moss in Shaded Areas

Not only does moss provide a unique look to any garden or landscape setting, but it offers many benefits for the environment. One of the main advantages of using moss is that it naturally cleans the environment. In general, plants are intended to preserve the environment. Moss is especially beneficial to the situation in that it does not require a ton of water to grow as well as they do not expect or release pollutants in the air. Moss naturally carries its antibiotics and does not need pesticides to remain healthy, which is much better for the environment, as it prevents the spread of chemicals into water systems. Another way moss cleans the environment is because they do not require herbicides or fertilizers because of their simple structure and lack of seeds or roots. Moss is a natural way to help the environment prosper.


Another benefit of growing moss is that moss promotes cleaner air near stagnant moisture filled areas. In a way, moss has the ability to reverse air pollution. Moss has a large leaf surface and contains the same surface area as a leaf on a tree in a small handful of moss. The difference between the moss and the leaf is that the moss has little bacteria all over the surface that take in carbon from the air and turn it into their biomass.This means that moss has the ability to store the human-made pollution from the air and overall create cleaner air quality. The fact that moss promotes cleaner air near stagnant moisture-filled areas is essential is creating a cleaner environment and having better air quality across the world.


The final benefit of growing moss in shaded garden areas is that moss is an excellent soil stabilizer. Soil stabilization is important to keep soil from spreading in windy climates and maintain moisture and nitrogen in the soil of harsher climates. Moss has the ability to keep the soil in one space and provides a natural barrier from the elements. Moss becomes a crust for the soil and can also serve as a home to a variety of organisms. They can serve as the basis of an ecosystem and are essential to its survival. Moss is an excellent soil stabilizer in all types of environments and weather conditions. They are an essential part of maintaining moist soil as well as preventing erosion and nutrient loss.

 Mosses are versatile, easy to grow and unstated in fine gardens.



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