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Tn Nursery is a woman-owned and operated Mail Order Nursery in Middle Tennessee.

Tammy Sons, CEO of Tn Nursery, loves to educate, inform and share her knowledge on how native plants not only enhance our environment but also clean and sustain it.

 She is a plant expert and will offer helpful information on the benefits of utilizing native plants for the environment and sustainable living, air purifying, bio fertilization, soil cleaning, and many other uses of native plants.

 It has been Tammy's life learning about plants, how they serve and function in the environment and the overall composition of utilizing for the benefit of habitat and the overall health of the planet. Tammy is available for quotes in exchange for a media mention and links back to our website.

 Tammy is also readily available for production, tv, radio, reporters, and environmental newscasts and welcome's them into her operation or will gladly do free interviews for a media mention. 

 Her passion is to educate, inform, and explain the benefits of using native bareroot plants. In lue of using plastic pots and transporting soils in container plants from state to state, which she is highly against because transporting soils increases the risk of exporting soil contaminants from state to state, and plastic is not biodegradable.


 If you are enquiring regarding a quote or perhaps gaining knowledge on native plants for the environment, please fill out the below form to get an appointment to speak with Tammy.


TN NURSERY DONATES PLANTS - Fill Out the Form Below To Enquire About Partnering With Us

Are you with a plant science lab, 4-H coordinator, Nonprofit, or any school program that needs native plants for restoration projects or science? Tn Nursery values those that are native plant enthusiasts.

Tn Nursery is a 56-year-old nursery that donates to plant growers directly. Our impressive clientele includes The Discovery Channel, The History Channel's own Swamp People star Troy Landry, The Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, and many more! We know quality, and we will gladly donate to your cause.


Do You Have A Niche Gardening, Home Improvement, Outdoor, Lawn, or Landscaping Blog? We Will Partner With A Select Few

TN Nursery also donates plants in exchange for advertising on websites in the Agriculture/Horticulture Field. Suppose you have a gardening blog, community garden, blogger about nature, home Improvement, or perhaps a nature blog or website owner. In that case, we donate plants in exchange for advertising on your site as well. We are very picky about this. If you are interested in plants in exchange for putting us a banner ad up or an article about "native plants" (our first love), send us the name of your site below in the comments as well as the website URL, and let us see if it's a good fit for us. We offer a wide assortment of plants in exchange for partnering with us each spring. It is a yearly offering. We will send you a fresh shipment of over $300-400 in plants each spring in exchange for your partnership. 



We offer native plants to all types of governmental planting, restoration projects, habitat restoration, and centers for higher learning.


Are you perhaps a herbologist looking for native plants with no HMOs, herbicides, insecticides, or sprays? We have a vast selection of plants that are not certified organic but are wild collected.

Tn Nursery donates plants to disaster-stricken areas, science labs, students participating in college gardens, governmental plantings, and many other causes. We donate plants for free, and there is absolutely no cost if you are a nonprofit group.

We ask if we offer you a sizeable donation that you help us by posting our donation on your website in return for our donation.

Tn Nursery has helped over 134 Universities, Schools, Clubs, Students, and Government Organizations over the past 56 years. We are a third-generation family-owned and operated nursery located in the heart of the nursery capitol near Mcminnville, Tennessee.


At Tn Nursery, our mission is simple: Replant what we know thrives and lives for many years, native plants. Native plants are disease-resistant, easy to care for and maintain, and with this low overhead, who needs those fancy hybrids? We believe it's better to enjoy your garden than work yourself in it!

We donate lots of plants, not just a couple, but as per your needs, we help in every way possible to make our earth a greener place to live.

We donate plants to disaster-stricken areas, universities, hospitals, science labs, clubs, master gardeners, community gardens, nursing homes, skilled care facilities, hospitals, and many more reputable organizations free of charge.


We would love to hear about your project with native plants. Drop the owner a line and tell him about your project along with your tax ID and proof of being a nonprofit, website, and need. The owner's email is You will always receive a reply fast.

Just what exactly does Tn Nursery specialize in? Native Plants! We do not partake in genetically modified hybrids or plants but in native plants, wildflowers, native ferns, native trees, native shrubs, wetland native plants, native grasses, and native perennials and mosses.


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