Sorghastrum Nutans- Indian Grass

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Sorghastrum Nutans- Indian Grass For Sale Affordable Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Sorghastrum Nutans- Indian Grass, also known as Yellow Indiangrass or just Indiangrass, is a unique type of North American prairie grass species that grow within the United States and Canada and is extraordinarily prolific in the US tallgrass prairies and Great Plains regions. Sorghastrum Nutans falls within the scientific classification family known as Poaceae, a vast family that contains many different groups and species of flowering and non-flowering grasses. A Detailed Look at Sorghastrum Nutans Sorghastrum Nutans is referred to by botanists as a perennial bunchgrass that occurs during the warmer seasons. The grass grows quite high, reaching up to 7 feet or 2 meters tall upon full plant maturity.

Due to the grass being extremely intolerant of shade, its height will be extremely stunted if the grass is not exposed to an abundant amount of non-shaded sunlight. One of the unique characteristics of the green is the ligule that is shaped very similarly to a rifle sight. It is at this part of the plant where the leaf sheath connects to the thin leaf blade.


Buy Fast Growing Sorghastrum Nutans 

Once in bloom, the plant produces small clusters known as panicles, which in turn contain spikelets.

The spikelets are typically a golden brown color, with each providing a yellow colored stamen and a pair of yellow stigmas. These plant features help the grass to cross-pollinate through wind disbursement. The Many Uses of Sorghastrum Nutans The Sorghastrum Nutans grass has many practical uses. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services regularly uses it for erosion control, as the grass has a thick root system that runs quite deep into the soil. The herb is also used for wildlife habitat restoration, as it is easy to plant and typically self-propagates quite quickly and without many inhibiting issues.

Affordable Sorghastrum Nutans- Indian Grass For Every Landscape 


Indian Grass 

Indian Grass, which is also called sorghastrum nutans or yellow Indian grass, plays a unique role in the natural landscapes of the American midwest and east. Its vibrant green is crowned with an almost feathery looking tan head, lending to a unique appearance. 


 Prairies and open woods are home to an abundance of Indian grass. Wild areas or land that has naturalized are great places for Indian grass since it blends in well in that type of environment, but Indian grass thrives in many different settings. 


 Indian grass is practical and versatile. It is a favorite among landscapers, gardeners, and groundskeepers alike. This type of grass can function as decoration, erosion control, a pollinator, and a way to attract butterflies. 


 Benefits of Indian grass:


 The appearance of Indian grass makes it an excellent accent for a garden or natural area. It is considered an ornamental grass.


 Indian grass binds to the soil very effectively and has a deep root system, which is why it can use for erosion control.


 This grass considered a pollinator because it helps transport pollen from one plant to another, which benefits nearby flowers. 


 In the summer, this grass flowers and is very attractive to but

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