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The Benefits Of Eating Healthy And Why Everyone Should Be

The Benefits Of Eating Healthy And Why Everyone Should Be

Posted by Tammy Sons on 6th Feb 2018

Consuming More Veggies

Let’s face it. Eating vegetables might not necessarily be hard, but loving vegetables is. Knowing all the nutritional facts, and the health benefits they provide still do little to really spur us along in the right direction. As with most expeditions, having a healthy lifestyle starts simply with a choice. This article is not here to help you make the choice, but to support and inspire you as you journey down a path towards total health.

Eating vegetables is the simplest way to start leading a healthier life. It is science, and it’s not. There is an inherent link between humans and nature and the vibrancy of the colors in fruits and vegetables has caught our ancestors’ eyes for generations. Our bodies crave vegetables, but our minds have warned us from a very young age that they taste strange. Here are some tips to change your mind once and for all, and bring a bit of creativity into vegetable dishes.

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We all have vegetables we are comfortable with and those that we have grown to despise. Falling in love with vegetables again is all about getting out of your comfort zone. It is important to diversify the vegetables you are consuming. Eating only one type of veggie will only give you a part of the nutrients that this food group can provide. When shopping for vegetables at your local grocer try to only pick the seasonal produce. These picks will be fresher than your out-of-season favorites, and they will also be cheaper. Who knows, maybe there is a veggie you never tried that will change your life!

Add vegetables to your meals

Incorporating vegetables into every day meals is an easy way to get more vitamins and minerals as well as add some variety of flavors. If your meal already calls for a serving of a certain vegetable, be adventurous and add another. Any meal can benefit from an extra boost of veggies. If you only eat vegetables for dinner then you will struggle to get the suggested daily amounts. Start with breakfast, add spinach to your eggs, or veggies in hash browns, or spin some up into a smoothie. There are countless savory breakfast treats that can help counteract that morning sweet tooth.

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Food, like success, tastes better when you work for it. If you toil in the kitchen to make great dishes incorporating or starring your selected veggies, they will automatically taste more spectacular. Having the aroma of the cooking vegetables fill your nose as they are being prepared is guaranteed to improve your attitude towards eating them. In a recent study a paper coined the term “Ikea Effect”, in where a person values a product more if they make it themselves, as opposed to having someone else make it. For this to work, you must connect with the food and start to enjoy cooking. It is a rewarding exercise to make your meals and you will appreciate your food much more.

In this same vein, growing your own vegetables to put on your dinner plates is equally rewarding. Veggies are easy to grow in a garden and will return each year to yield you a fabulous crop. They require very little space outdoors, and in some cases can even grow inside as well. You should plant seeds that you would regularly buy at the grocery store, like tomatoes, onions, peppers and peas. Gardening is a great outdoors activity, and a great family activity as well. Having access to fresh and delicious vegetables will increase the likelihood of you eating and enjoying veggies more regularly.

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Once you have gathered all of the vegetables, either from a garden or grocer, the cooking process takes over. Most vegetables we eat are steamed and come out served to us overcooked and mushy or undercooked and hard. Mixing up cooking techniques can unlock flavors that you had formerly been submerging. Grilling is a great way to cook your favorite vegetables, which gives them a satisfying and juicy crunch. Baking veggies is another good alternative, with or without tin foil. Stir-fry is also an option that allows you to cook multiple vegetables quickly.

With these quick tricks you will have new and exciting vegetables on your plate at every meal. The connection between you and the things you eat is extremely important, and taking veggies from ground to table will reinforce this connection. Continuing to broaden the variety of vegetables you consume will not only make you healthier but also help you enjoy the experience more. Remember, eating right starts with the choice, from there the rest is easy. 

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